Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mama's Day

My Mother's day small bouquet of Carnation

So mummies, hows your mother's day celebration so far? For me, it is just another normal Sunday, whereby I still attend church service, taugh in Sunday school for the very first time and church committee gave all mothers a small celebration.

Me and my brother not brought my mum out to anywhere to dine instead she still cook dinner for us. As always she said that, if we are good and obedient, everyday is Mother's Day. This year I gave my parents a pair of couple watch and they like it very much.

Here are some snapshot at church...

Mother's day cake

All mummies (almost 3 quaters of the ladies members)

My dear mummy

My boy being so sweet with his little gestures and makes me happy for the day. As I placed the flower on the table, he keep bringing it to me and ask me hold on it. I put it back, he brings again...and give me a kiss when I mention Mother's day.


vickylow said...

So sweet of little Terry, melted your heart.

sting said...

hehe.. happy mother's day ya :-)

slavemom said...

Terry's so sweet n loving. My boy doesn't even know it was a special day.

karenyiau said...

Sounds like a very happy day for you. :) Terry is so sweet.

Malaika's mummy said...

Looked like you had a great mothers day celebration.

Terry is sure a sweet little boy.

Agnes C said...

Terry is a loving little boy. It shows right from his little heart. so sweet.