Friday, February 15, 2008

Shit work from Smorty

I have not been login to Smorty paid post system for a few weeks. Reason being as everyone knows, low PR, no offers, so automatically login times also lesser now. Just now, I login again see if there is anything there.

First, I need to make a selection on my blog type. After that done, the page of the offer is display with the same old notes on top, a reminder for not deleting posts and bla bla bla. There after I saw this on left side bar,

I was so frustrated to see this shit warning, as I'm not doing any deleting to Smorty's posts and yet they listed out a total of 26 posts I've done got MISSING.


What the heck! I begin to click on each link to make sure that it is working and not gone missing. To each and everyone listed there all the posts are still appear in the exact URL. Since I'm not doing any changes to those post and URL, I just click on the "Enter URL" and copy paste back the same exactly URL and hit "Update".

I'm not sure if anyone of you working with Smorty facing this problem? And, something so funny in the Warning note. Those missing posts payment have actually paid to me long time ago and how they're going to on-hold them? After the shit verifying work done, I even write them a ticket to ask them check properly before sending the chunk of missing URL list to me. I'm not writing in a friendly tone to them. You see, we are not earning much since PR drop, yet on and off they are bothering us with all kind of rules, regulations and limitation.

Really wan sek kan nan lorr....


Amidrin said...

Oh, I receive the same warning also. I was just as surprised as you are. And I didn't delete any of those already paid post. I think they are sending to everyone so that they don't have to do so much work to check them one by one by themselves.

And do you notice that they list out warning to all the paid post you have previously done? That's why I say they purposely send the warning to everyone so that we confirm it and they have less work to do the checking by themselves.

Montessorimum said...

I got it too and thought it was a system fault and wrote to them. And the reply came "runs a check up to the blogs every now and then and checks if the there are anything wrong with the posts that you have been paid for. And if there are any problems, system sends you an email to correct them. So, please follow the instructions, by cliking the link you see on your dashboard, for the missing posts listed, press the Check again button, and proceed accordingly"

I have checked each link (tedious work) and all works fine..the system just want us to do double job. :(

Malathy said...

I also received these warnings and I found nothing in wrong by asking us to check again.

We need not be rude to someone who have been good to us for long.

Even if it is their mistake, have we lost the capacity to forgive?

Remember, you get back exactly the same given out by you. It is the law of universe.

Lemonjude said...

malathy: I don't mean to be rude to them. They not even send us any email to notify on this matter is going to take place and what is the purpose.

We are just feel so wrong when having to do so only without knowing what is going on.