Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gong Hei Fatt Choy


It has been a very very busy CNY for me since last Tuesday. Today, only I manage to sit in front of the computer and blog. For 1 week long, didn't blog, didn't blog hop, didn't check email, just eat and sleep. I don't know how much I have gain during this week.

But before that, wish you all have a prosperous Chinese New Year. Good luck to you in the year of Rat and may you continue stay healthy and all the best. So, hows your New Year celebration?

CNY is all about reunion and gathering and it is the time to meet up relatives which we only see once a year. Last Sunday, I have reunion dinner at my parent's home together with my God sis. Gal side always no choice have to reunion very early...for the actual day all will be at husband side. My mum cooks delicious and plentiful dinner. I'm not manage to help her to cook, so after dinner I wash up everything lied in the sink.

Monday and Tuesday busy to buy CNY stuff, change new notes and get ready ang pau packets. Tuesday even worse when doing banking, all automated machine network jam, counters no ppl working and not allow ppl to change new notes. Hubby manage to talk to the Branch Manager and able to change some new notes. Tuesday another round of reunion dinner at FIL side. Wednesday, visiting aunty and reunion lunch & dinner at FIL's hometown - Seremban. So, these few days is really eat full and nothing much to do.

It has been a hot hot day during on CNY eve, the weather make us very tiring. Terry enjoy collecting ang pau and put inside my pocket (haha). This year, he really having a big feast to himself. Eating kueh-ka-pek (Kuih Kapit), crackers, biscuit, nuts, dried meat, shark fins, yee-sang and lots more. Whenever he saw cans on the dining table, he will grab and ask you to open..then the next you will see him munching it or take one and pass it to you...I can see he loves kueh-ka-pek a lot, but I stop him eating too much. He really eat full until not wanted to eat his porridge, which I wake up damn early to cook for him.

Yellow chinese costume. He is grabbing chocolate for daddy.

Not forget he also running arond in the house with his counsins whenever we met up relatives. His nap time also skip and end up he skip dinner and go for sleep...he is very very tired.

First day of CNY, we have been in FIL house and my uncle's house. All chit-chat and drink only. A sad case happen before we visiting my uncle. My cousin bro (who have cranial nerves problem) fall from the staircase and causing him fainted and vomit white. Immediately, he has been send to hospital by ambulance. Scan report says that his brain is no injury. Currently, he still in hospital and look after by my aunty too till the doctor have prepare another set of medication for him. Also, at the same time make sure his emotion is calm down and get in control then only he can back home. At night, dinner at Flower Drum Banquet with FIL. We have yee sang and some dishes to go with rice.

Second day, visiting my parents then I left to Ipoh with Terry and my parents. Ipoh is my mum's hometown. 4 hours drive from KL to Ipoh. The traffic from Tanjung Malim to Sungkai is slow and stop. Right after the Ipoh exit, We cross a traffic light. When my bro was half-way crossing the junction and the light turns yellow, in front the traffic near junction is slow too. There is no way for us to cross over it and the light turns red. 200 meter away from there, a traffic police waved to us. No choice but we got to stop. He said we cross when light turns red. He wanted to summon us for RM300. After some negotiation, we settle on the spot RM40.

Whenever back to Ipoh, me and my cousins and aunties have lots to chit-chat. Not forget the hometown food they prepared with the most original and natural bred of chicken, duck, fish and own planted vege. All are tasty and I admit I eat a lot. We have Bak Kut Teh dishes on the night and this pot of dishes has been cook for more than a night with lots of great ingredients to boil the soup with pork belly, ribs and others..taste heavenly. All my aunt are really good cook and their taste bud is sharp enough. All of us thumbs up for the food. We need to seperate 3 rounds to have our meal. So, can imagine there are lots of ppl. If all relatives are here it got to be 5 tables. For Terry, he still skip his nap and enjoy playing and running with his cousin who is same age (3 months elder). It is so cute to see both of them talk in baby language. They really makes everybody laugh.

When comes to eat, Terry no fail will join in. When he saw you hold on can of biscuit or a plate of rice or whatever he sure go to stick on you. The first night we are there, I even no need to feed him dinner, coz he is joining in my niece and nephew to eat together feed by my God sis. Glad that he eat a lot and it is better than I feed myself whereby he need to play while eating. Since he is having lots of heaty snack, I let him to drink some coconut water to cool down. Kampung coconut still the better one than those selling in town. The flash is smooth and the water is more sweeter.

Stay a night there, have enough great food and gathering. We back to KL on the 3rd day noon. Thank God, no jam, driving smooth. Manage to reach KL in 3 hours. At night, dinner treat by my uncle at Marco Polo Restaurant. A CNY 8 course meal. Terry enjoy very much the food and just couldn't stop want to eat. When meantime waiting the next dish to come, he wanted to get off the baby seat. He is so frustrated when I carry him up back to his seat again unless he is having something to eat first. Really hard to entertain him. So, I let him down walk around and I follow him in and out just afraid the waiters knock him when carrying dishes.

4th day, not going anywhere at night dinner with hubby Tsun Jin's classmate at Noble Banquet. We having CNY set dinner. Again not left out yee sang again. 2 tables of friends and we are the only married one who giving ang pau to the rest.

Yee Sang
With my boy
Group photo, check out my boy

5th day, not visiting too. In the morning, when hubby want to use the car to went out to buy breakfast, he found this

The side window break

Our car being break-in and the player is lost. Some small notes at the box also being took away. We park this car outside the guard house's visitor parking. We saw many cars being break like that before. But, this round the car thief spotted us. Hubby totally looks moody that day. It is so sad that see the car like that.

At night, FIL family CNY gathering at restaurant with the rest of the uncles and aunties. We dine at usual FIL's favourite place - Restaurant Pik Wah, Wisma MABA. Another round of yee sang chinese course dinner. Terry is having shark fins soup rice (鱼翅捞饭). He eats fast and wants more. But not let him to eat much as there are dishes to come and he sure eat a lot later. Still he eat and run after half way of the dinner.

Today, many have started back to work. Hubby too. Up to today it is all eat full nothing to do. Counting from the first day I already having 4th time yee-sang and tonight another round of dinner with hubby's uncle. So is your CNY eat and sleep too?


Lovely Mummy said...

why didnt call me when u reached Ipoh...we can meet up if possible.

jazzmint said...

gong xi gong xi...aiyoo the window.

vickylow said...

So sorry for that....

Mummy to QiQi said...

alamak....what a bummer...not so safe to park anywhere nowadays yeah....

hey, nevertheless wish u have a good mickey year!

sting said...

omg! the thieves must have taken opportunity of the holidays.. hope the new year brings better luck ya..

L'abeille said...

Firstly, Happy Chinese New Year. My ang pau leh hehe

Sorry to hear about the break in incident.

Amidrin said...

Sorry to hear about the car break-in. That happen to my boyfriend's car when were were staying in Penang. Surely dampens your mood when that happens. Did you reported to the police? The police sucks at dealing with such cases which they consider very monor.

Well, I didn't eat a lot during CNY but I ate a lot of mandarine oranges.

Yatie said...

alamak teruk nye, same with 2 years ago... my car was smashed, they away , everything, cd player, lcd sreen even 2 child seat.

yes amidrin... those police is suck when dealing with this...

Annie Q said...

sorry to hear about the car break in.
so many makan session during chinese new year huh, hahahaha..i also eat a lot, till have put on so so much weight! *sigh*
Terry so good boy, he love his food, my boys ar, they love running and playing around, rather than sit there quietly to have their food.

slavemom said...

Kung Hei Fatt Choy! Wah.. so many rounds of good food (8-course dinners). So syiok!
Aiyo.. park near guard hse oso not safe hor. So terrible.