Thursday, May 04, 2006

My dream of baby furniture

Since I have this little one, I plan to give him Snoopy® as his baby item. I was searching thru the net about Snoopy baby bedding set...since in Malaysia we doesn't have this kind of Peanuts series things...not even can find in World of Cartoon outlet. In fact, baby Winnie the Pooh® and Disney® baby character stuffs are a lot, but that also not in full set..aiyah, too bad...but i really so love to have it...

Thank God that even couldn't buy it, I able to get a second hand Snoopy's bumper from Michelle and some Snoopy clothes from cousins...been told that those item are normally from HK or UK...Agnes told me in Singapore are famous with all sort of this cartoon baby things, I believe there might have...

Pls tell me where else can find in KL, if u know? I so love it! The pic below found from baby bedding shopping site. This set cost $180.99 after discount (excluding shipping fees), of coz it is not in RM! and also it not ship to Asia.

My dream babyroom set

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