Monday, April 10, 2006


Share with you here my baby boy. This is the ultra scan print of his face feature during 31st week...this Thursday will go for check up body n leg can now feel the heavy pressure...walk also a bit slow now...finger n leg are easy to get numbness which coz by water retention...body more n more easy to get tired....lately have better sleep thru the very active moving...sometime may get some uneasy feel when he kick sideway..

my hospital bag are almost 90% ready...left the bottle need to sterlised...others than that bed are on the way to reach me end of the month, pillow and bolster haven't buy yet...think got to buy during this or next weekend. i was thinking, aft baby born might not hav much own sweet time to do things i like....sweet sleeping time may cut off 70%, every effort n concerntration will go to the baby...i was told brandon that when baby comes, we no more 2 ppl world la....

My mum will end her job by this weekend to help me during my confinement....those old folks so sad of her leaving...and miss her cooking too...before baby comes mum will take care of my mealing and some house house still quite messy need to rearrange some furniture to accomodate my convenience of used, especially the bedroom. I schedule to stop work in next 2 weeks.

My office partition still haven't setup yet, now doing the painting n some touch up work...still very noisy and smelly (paint) outside....i think the worker will only do it aft outside work have done. Aft partition setup thats a lot to do network linkage, streamyx setup, and the PDA n invoicing system also need to b upgrade....This Friday will hav a training section on the new system....hopefully the clerk here will handle well of the things...many thing have to start telling her what to do when i'm not around.

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