Thursday, April 13, 2006

Storing of stem cell

Met the consultant to talk about cord blood collection. After another round of explaination to Brandon, we get clearer about the benefit of the blood, the policy and agreement and payment. We finally sign up with StemLife and receive the blood collection kit. We also received 1 year waive annual fee, meaning that baby age 2 onwards only needs to pay RM250 per year.

Addition point which I dunno was after the blood being process, if the blood contain of bacteria and the quantity of stem cell collected below par, we will get the money back in full…Besides that, I’ve been told that I need to call to inform the sales rep upon my admission to hospital and 2nd call to inform when dilate 7cm, so that the lab assistant are ready to b there to send my blood back to the stem cell lab.

From my own point of view, to me this collection is very costly for first payment (RM2500), but for long term it is very worth to keep. After many days and many points of consideration, we only take it…if financially really cause us problem then we may take the idea off. Anyway I’m so happy to hav it now, as I know the importance of the blood is far higher than u having a high insured life/medical policy. Insurance policy may only cover the cost u spend for illnesses, and (touch wood!) it may not save ur life if it is a critical illness, but this blood is save life. Scientist hav proven that there are many kind of uncured illness can save by stem cells. Currently heart disease and spinal cord injury are the most popular used of stem cell to cure and the list is keep on adding.

Therefore I keep on advice my fren who pregnant to think twice on storing stem cell…life is too fragile now.

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