Friday, March 31, 2006

Progress during 31st week

Right now, outside was raining….and finally I’m blog in new office…yesterday we hav a smooth moving process and everything cover up late yesterday night….i’m not yet sitting at my own office, coz need to wait for those moved over partition to b set up like in old place, get back the network connection then only consider everything is complete, but majority are here now…temporary all of us using my FIL big office. Due to raining some outside renovation, installation and touch up work hav to b stop now n then. But no big deal, as long as office and inventory stock back in operation, others thing can b done little by little.

Was having my 31 weeks 1 day check up two day ago, early in the morning be his first patient of the day. This time I ask gynea about my numbness hand n leg. He said that is coz by water retention that happen to majority preg women. But I’m not serious that kind, coz just lil bit only. And today I read newspaper, it said try to reduce salt and drink water at night, it helps to reduce the water. May b yesterday shifting I’m moving a lot I found my palm n finger of both hand is slightly lil bit swollen (at first it only started at right hand).

Scanning time, baby everything is ok, can see clearly his face feature now and I got the scan print too (need to scan, later upload it). Aft I’m having that scan I keep on bring it in n out from my handbag and look at it…haha..the feeling really so sweet….eventhough is just black n white shadow scanning..i already so happy about it…when I miss him I will take it out and look again….haha…so the eagerness to see my baby is getting stronger n stronger. Baby now weight 1.2-1.3kg (about 2.64 pounds), I gain 1 kg within 2 weeks, still the same 80% I will deliver mid-May.

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