Monday, March 27, 2006

Cutie and I

Last Saturday was able to turn up the talk, but was 20 mins late. As I finish up work late and also jam at Cheras…so when I reached there, 1 topic have skip. There is a short presentation from StemLife cord blood bank. Aft the presentation I hav know more about the useful of cord blood to diseases. Cord blood is the cheapest n fastest way to get the highest capacity of blood cell. Anyway been asking many times to hubby, he still insist that is not a necessary…it required RM7,500 for 20 years of maintaining the blood in the bank (this hav include the registration fees and annual fees). 4 years ago, StemLife set up in Malaysia and collected 6,000 bags of blood and only a few been used up. Anyway, we dunno the importance until we really need them to safe life. There is a case in South Korea, a lady hav met an accident and couldn’t walk and lay on the bed for the past 20 years …aft many years of searching and waiting for the blood, which the ratio of matching is 1:20,000-40,000. Finally she found it and her sickness was being healed just in 3 weeks time.

Aft 20 mins break, with some light served refreshment, we start another topic of “Natural and Caesarian birth”. Again this topic was almost the same as the previous talk I attend, but this round is more in summarized and covered a few important points that not mention before this. But a lot of Q&A from audience, which is not related the topic. Aft filling up the talk evaluation form, that’s end of the talk.

Since Brandon work late and he not able to fetch me up. So I follow my fren to shop at KLCC and Mid Valley and walk a lot in the evening. Lately too in love in blue berry, went to Strudels bought a tart and cheese cake and yes both in blue-berry…though to share it with Brandon, but too bad he having some unusual uncomfortable to his body, so he is not having any of that, and this morning both are my breakfast…yummy!

Good that my upstair fella not making noise anymore…even they did shout scream and laugh loudly in the night, but they stop it aft 12am sharp…hopefully they know how to behave themselves la… Sunday, as usual went to church n back home…wow my mum said I fat already…aft not seeing me for 1 week. Yeah, especially the face..u know some of the dress can’t fit now…need bigger size…coz tummy getting bigger….expected 6 more weeks to pop. After church, check the baby stuff collected back from church fren and still hav some coming from my kind and generous church member.

Now, I wan to get ready my hospital bag as soon as I can. Have a check list, and only 30% of them are there…so I got to faster get them ready, as I can sense that my delivery will be getting more earlier than the I feel my placenta is getting lower, since baby head has turn and it always hitting my bladder. Yesterday afternoon, my left bottom stomach was swelling pain, I did nothing just lay on the bed to comfort it. Luckily nothing big deal…now ok already. Coming Wednesday will check up again, I’m so eager to ask gynea about baby situation and the most important the delivery date.

Month end office and warehouse will shift to another new warehouse, which own by FIL. This week he will b more busy to look aft the renovation and final touch up work. Hopefully we hav a smooth shifting on this weekend.

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