Thursday, March 16, 2006

29th week appointment

Went to check-up again. Be his last patient of the day. Ultra scan shows that the baby head has turn down. Features n parts everything can see clearly…healthy baby too.. wanted to print out his face features but this notty boy boy used his hand cover his mouth, not so nice to print. So got to wait next round…big eyes like Brandon and nose looks like me…small small lips…cute!

Doc said, 80% of times I might having 2 weeks early birth than the expected due. Now my check up appointment become 2 weeks once. My tummy was tremendously increasing n baby like kicking especially at night time, even I sleep early. I’m getting more n more easy to get tired n sleepy and now I can sleep as early as 9pm.

Now I’m thinking what name to put on him, many many have come across my mind. I will select a few to let FIL to choose.

There will b another pregnancy talk at Pantai Cheras on 25/3, is about before and aft preg nutrition, cord blood and I forget another topic..from 2-5pm. Might going for this talk too.

Looking forward for my 31st week appointment. Closer n closer now….

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