Monday, December 19, 2005

11 days before a brand new year

Weeks not updated the blog, lately just doing fine. Wanted to thank thank God that I passed the 1st trimester (Week 1-13) of pregnancy. And, all this while I can said that I'm doing quite well...not to said any other thing, for not vomitting like most having throughout this 4 months time already a great blessing. I pray to God everyday to giv me good health n to the baby, take charge of his growing in me n give me comfortable, also soon for good delivery. Really thank Him for his great great blessing. I'm entering the 17th weeks now, hopefully from now on I'll be fine too till I delivery the bb. I'm so excited for this coming Wednesday, as I'm going for my check up n get the blood test report. Most probably report should b ok, coz the gynae said if got any problem he will call me during last check up. For ultra sound scan this time can get to know exactly is a boy/gal. Lately I really can eat a lot. Brandon also get a bit frighten sometime. Looking at my belly growing i'm feel happy n proud too.

Christmas was around now, this year I'm inviting my church carol team to sing at my house on the eve. I'll b inviting my frens n family over to join. I still haven't get ready of the chirstmas gift. I got to get it done by this Wednesday n get prepare to decorate the home. Actually I was so wanting to hav a Christmas tree at home. Coz i really so happy n feel warm when gazing at blinking light on the beautiful tree. Well, is not the time to get a medium or big one now, may b few years later. I will bring back the small christmas tree which Brandon send me as christmas gift few years ago to put on the small desk...also plan to buy some extra decorate item to put around...I really love christmas season. To me christmas is not a party day is a joyful celebration for the born of Saviour Jesus Christ also a great time to send warmest care to your love ones.

Last week join the 1 day trip to Malacca, going with the Cricket lighter supplier (Sincere Match). Thank God for good weather. Visited again the Hang Li Poh's Well, The Stadthuys and A' Famosa. We stayed a night at Equatorial Hotel, very comfortable. Not getting any luck from lucky draw. This year the Asia Pacific Manager, a Swedish came to join us for this dealers' annual dinner. A young and fun ang moh. Upon collecting the car to back home at the supplier office, our car is blocked by the van, can't go forward or back, got to wait for the staff to bring the back gate key to open for us. Waited nearly 1 hour to get out from the gate.

Upon turning out from the junction, we saw a man wearing all black. This person really strange. He wear a black hat, black coat neatly covering 3 quarter of his body, black pant n black leather shoe, looks quite smart, but when i really saw carefully, his face also covering with black cloth. Can't really see one inch of his skin color. He walk quite slow. I think it was pretty frightening if were to walk to his opposite way. Really mysterious, is he hav sickness, secret man, terrorist, I dunno...if we not in rush I was really interested to stay in the car n look at him more carefully n see where he heading to...anyone saw this kind of stranger? he appear at Sunway, along the highway in front of Sunway Pyramid.

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