Wednesday, November 23, 2005

From the belly

Went to do my monthly check up. Today is 13 weeks 1 day old of my junior. This round test urine, take weight and take blood for testing..He check very detail each part of the baby. He show me the head, brain, heart beat, hand, leg, liver and trying very hard to check for the private part, but can't really see yet. He said may b is boy, may b to wait till 16 weeks above then only can comfirm. Whatever la, i dun mind boy or gal, as long as it is healthy. Size is 6.9cm now n healthy too.

Previously taking folic acid n multi-vatamin tablets, today change to calcium n another kind of multi-vitamin. I try to eat more vege n less meat. Lately I cooked my own lunch and brought over to office. Got to wake up at 6am to cook, kinda tired sometimes, but due to baby n me got to sacrifies. Outside food does not suit my appetite well n sleep well thats the main thing to maintain now.

Here is the lil one, can't really see the hand n leg, because the position have change, but from previous 2nd month scan can see the hand n leg moving actively...very cute one...this position can clearly see the back bone only...

This is zoom for better view

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