Thursday, December 29, 2005

Silent night, lonely Christmas

Got many to blog on, but these few days aft back from work very lazy n tired to put my hand on the keyboard. So this gonna b a long winded one.

24/12 - Caroling nite
How’s my lonely Christmas? The night 9.40pm, caroling team reached my home. Since wan to wait for my FIL to reach (anyway he late for 1 hour) we hav light refreshment first before caroling starts. Full house of ppl and shoes are park across the corridor, luckily the rain stopped and a bit windy else the house will b very warm. This is the first time my home hav this lot of ppl, not place for everyone to sit, some even hav to sit at the reading room and some stand at the kitchan and also outside the balcony..Everybody stay on for 1 hour time. Many of my church member first time visit, thus they ask me a lot of things abt the house. Before the caroling night message was on, my FIL reached. So we continue till the end of it. Before the member leave, I giv them a snack pack that I pack myself as a Christmas gift and also token of appreciation. Everyone goes happily holding the pack.

During caroling (full house)

Church members leave and left my parent and in-law parent. Few of us chit-chat till 12am and everybody are rushing home, coz old ppl tired already…and my mum most pity hav to wake up at 5am the next day to cook curry chicken dish for Christmas party at church. So she left me alone to do the clean n tidy up the house…at 1am the house finally quiet and silent. So me alone wash up the plate n cups, arrange back the things in order, sweep and mop…actually I very hungry that night, coz I only hav small portion of porridge for dinner and by the time they leave although I’m very hungry but I dun feel like eating. I just put back the food to the fridge for tomolo morning breakfast.

Before they come and after they go

By the time I finished cleaning up, it already 2.30am, take a warm shower and sit in front TV to watch the “Astro Movie Buff” till I get myself fall asleep then only I drag my tired body back to my bed. That’s my 2006 Silent Night.

25/12 Sunday

Christmas morning, I wake up at 9.30am. This Christmas was the first time I didn’t go church, coz no body with me at home and I dun feel like going and the most I love one not here. So since alone I hav an earlier date with Teresa for Christmas buffet lunch. So call her up and decide wat time n where to met up.
While waiting her to come (she’s late coz jam jam jam), I read some books and look for some CDs at MPH and at last I bought this book that I wan to buy sometimes ago. Can’t wait to read it. Now I start reading a lot about pregnancy n baby, hopefully it can help me to get more prepare to welcome the new born.

We hav our Christmas Lunch Buffet at Mid Valley Boulevard Hotel. A very new hotel, buffet serve quite ok, it have steak, chop, turkey, many different kind of bread and salad, fish, delicious soft cake n etc...RM 45 nett. Reasonable price and the environment also not bad. We exchanged gift and chit-chat. We enjoyed for 2 ½ hours there. Mid Valley was pack wit cars and ppls…then we just shop a while and went home.

Hey..Don't think I eat this little only...

Very tiring coz few hours outside. Once home quickly shower and slept from 5.30pm till the next day 10am without having dinner (dunno my bb will confuse or not, how come mummy lately so day n no night..hahaha). Yeah, sorry my precious.. before the Christmas week, I really sleep late and wake up early and eat not consistent…cham!…got to sayang back my bb from now on…

Here is the lovely Christmas present from my 3 sis-in-law and Teresa. The Soothing lotion just come in-time, very touching.. That’s my 2005 Christmas.

26/12 Monday (Boxing day)

Holiday yippie!! Can sleep longer without looking at the clock. Wake up at 10.30am then hav dim sum as breakfast + early lunch. Went to Ikea to shop for some storage box. Too many things wan to pack up n organize a bit the house and prepare for baby room. Went to The Curve too, while Brandon waiting for me to pee, he again admiring his dream ‘Koibito’ massage chair at Ogawa. He wan to bring that home sometimes ago, but I dun let him get it, coz it huge n eat up a lot of place in the room. So since he not try out how fantastic the chair is, he went in to the shop and try it. Guess what he stick it to n he like it very much, especially their back massaging. So he continued to ask for the price, gift n installment thingy. Aft some talk talk wit the salesperson finally he wan to bought it back. It cost RM3,188. So before we proceed to sign the credit card payment, the salesperson continue to show us another model of massage chair. I dunno what model name of that, chair size bigger than Koibito, the only different is the leg and buttock part massager are better than Koibito, price different of RM700+. So aft some consideration, he decided to change it. The price is RM3,899. We got a free foot massager which cost RM 1,800. Apart from that, we also entitle to have another round of lucky draw to win latest model of Honda City at coming Ogawa event. This contest is sent in by SMS (they will help us to submit) and the lucky pick is run by computer. So we got 300 chances of getting it (coz we bought 3k and it got 300 chances for the computer to pick). All we need to do is bring our handphone and attend the event at 22nd January at New Wing, 1 Utama. If your phone rings, then u hav been selected to b part of the winner. 10 persons will choose by the computer and each give the remote control car key, if the key u holding can automatic open the car lock open then the car is yours. Hmm..dunno how much luck we hav to get it. Another draw is from The Curve management, we got 5 draws to go for and can write down your Christmas Wishing List on the board. The prizes we pick up were all dining discount vouchers and 1 key chain. We spent half a day there.

At night, another round of gathering wit his lovely schmate at a steamboat restaurant in Cheras. 20+ ppl attend, those who turn up mainly are back from overseas for holiday. Gathering end at 10.30pm, another tiring day.

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