Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shop for New Christmas Tree

27 days to Christmas.....
in less than a month time...

A jolly season where everywhere will put up nice Christmas decoration. Before that, don't forget, Christmas season is not because of exchanging gift, Santa Claus, celebration and eat turkey, the main character is our Jesus Christ, He is the only reason for Christmas, celebrate of His birth to save us.

For many years being a Christian, I never get a chance to shop and deco a Christmas tree *sweat*. I just got an idea and proposed to management, why not get one put in the hotel lobby. My request got approved with a budget of RM300. To suit with my hotel team color, my idea was to get something like this, the ornaments in cyan or turquoise color mix with silver.
With the limited budget, the first place I thought of is Fun N'Cheer, where this is the only place can get varieties of deco items in cheaper price. Without wait for another weekend, I went to look see after my chores. I make a trip to Fun N' Cheer Balakong, this outlet is bigger with more choice.
Upon reach the entrance, plenty of beautiful Christmas deco in big, small and shiny are welcoming you. About 50 or more different types and sizes of Christmas tree ready for you to choose from, not only that colorful ornaments, lights, ribbon, chain, hats and many more.... All are so pretty, nowadays  many trees are comes with build-in lights, the light is at the leave's tip like fiber optic material.
I finally choose the one that lighted most shine. The ornaments color in turquoise, silver and red chain. Can't get more other ornaments as this is a 5 feet tree, can't have too many, I prefer a simple decoration.

Christmas tree & ornaments price:-
Tree - RM248 with 15% off (as this is the last piece)
2 x turquoise balls - RM5.90 ea (6 balls each box)
1 x silver - RM12.90 ea (mixture of balls and gift box)
2 x red chain - RM2.90 ea
TOTAL = 241.30
* yeah, within budget *

I have so much fun hanging up the ornaments and setup the tree. This kind of tree which build-in with light need to take extra good care as it is quite sensitive on the cable part. Those cable are placed  and hide right in the center of the tree body, it wrapped around with all leaves. Some leaves found not lighted up, it may caused by the cable has broken connection.

*** Ta...da... *** my first Christmas tree
Now the hotel lobby lighted up with a shining Christmas tree, can at least get some festive feel first. That's not enough yet, later will top up some other deco item at the glass door.

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Merryn said...

I love decorating Christmas tree but I dislike taking the decors off. LoL. It is always more fun decorating them and then after Christmas, I feel so lazy to put them away.