Monday, April 05, 2010

Thomas Collection III

Thomas & Friends collection for Terry is getting more and more, especially during my last year end Singapore trip and some from his Christmas gift.

Here are the Thomas loots from Takashimaya and Toys R'Us, Singapore.

Total of 6 items

Items from Takas the price was quite cheap and reasonable if were not to do RM convertion. These are the least I get, which those I think will not get to see in KL. Before I proceed to the cashier, I have actually drop some back from what I've picked in the basket =}

School bag S$15

Zip pencil case S$5 and pencils S$2.50

Thomas set homewear S$19.95

More Thomas shopping from Toys R'Us in Vivo City. The above was the lovely Thomas's toy and collectible section there, why here don't have one huh? Price wise on toys after convert, RM comes cheaper. Got him a puzzle set and sleepwear set.

Puzzle set S$19, there are 3 in a box. Each puzzle contains 49 pieces and measures 7" X 7" when complete. After 2 hours playing it with my 1 time guide, the boy can fix all sets by himself. Since then, he was so in love with it and been playing it every single day for more than a month time long! Worth buying it.

3D sleepwear set S$11.95. This is definately special, take it without second thought. It has a short sleeve top and long pant. It comes with a film paper spec to watch the 3D effect on the train. I only find the outer yellow colour line on the train got more highlighted and bright when look from the film.

During Christmas, Terry got some Thomas items too from gift exchange.

Lunch box tote and Thomas play set from Mummy Moon

Mega Bloks James train from Mummy Gwen

Foil balloon from Memory Lane RM7.90. Was so relunctant to bought it, but for the sake of having a peaceful Christmas hang out. I give in..

Handkerchief from Brand Outlet RM5.90 each.

Thomas top from morning market (non-authentic) RM16

This swimming ring was a gift given by Mummy Moon during our first Blogger up meet with Mummy Gwen.

Coming up there are 2 more Thomas stuffs for Terry, which I've prepared to give him for his coming birthday gifts. Will reveal it later.


Sasha said...

wuah dun show this to my son! later he bising bising hahah

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wah that's heck of a lot of Thomas stuff!!!!!! Great that terry is still into TTT. Bryan has lost interest already.

Alice Law said...

(Surprise!!) What an awesome collection of Thomas merchandise!

My girl likes Thomas too, she always ask us to buy her Thomas's toy... but we personally think Thomas is way too expensive, and we doubt she would really take care of her Thomas! :p

Have a nice day ahead1

Mummy Gwen said...

We can't stop buying toys (especially the ones they love) for our kids isn't it..haha. I just want to say..WOW! Terry is really Thomas No.1 fan. ^_^

Nice collection. I miss shopping in SG especially during sales!!

mommy to chumsy said...

wow, so many nice stuff for Terry. He is one lucky boy.

Kristie said...

wow lovely stuffs! the thomas goodies from taka is really worth it ya.

uLi.佑莉 said...

My nephew also has alot of this toys...expensive le...hehe!

vickylow said...

wow so many Thomas stuff for Terry. Nice collection.

2ma said...

wow!!! that's a lot of Thomas & Friends goodies for lucky Terry!

mNhL said...

A big WOW !!! Really a lot of THomas collections!! Terry loves Thomas so much! But I find their product is very expensive. U are right, without conversion of S$ is actually worth the buy.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wah, I can imagine every corner of your house must be full of Thomas stuff! Terry is a very lucky boy indeed :-)

Mummy Moon said...

Nice to see so many thomas collections.

slavemom said...

Wow... that's a big collection of Thomas stuff. If we earn SGD, a lot of things r quite cheap there huh (compare dollar to dollar).

Serene said...

Wow, so many Thomas collection! Terry is one lucky boy... Ya, I think toys in SG is much cheaper than Malaysia.