Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mummy Blogger & Kids Christmas Gathering

It was another wonderful round of Blogger Mum gathering which I'm looking forward happened on 17th Dec (Thurs). We have it at Mid Valley Megamall with Mummy Moon, Mummy Gwen and Cynthia and not left out together with the bunch of happy kids to meet up in this jolly season.

While waiting

First, we have lunch at Kenny Rogers before we proceed for other programs. Notice we always ate Kenny Rogers ya? Reason being the place is comfy and the food is suitable for the kiddo too with varieties. Terry was no shy at all being the first time having a small baby princess in the gathering. He was also the 'thorn among the roses' that day *wink*

There is a photo session with Santa at 12.30pm, we brought the kids for it right after the lunch. It was for charity, RM10 per shoot with the photo, a helium balloon and gift from Santa.

Last year, the boy was not very ok with the shoot. This time round, with Gwen, Yan Yan and Breanna along and I did told him before hand about this shoot, I thought he was more ok to join by seeing others doing it.

Yan Yan and Gwen put on the cloak for shooting, very cute!

Not that I know, he got so horrible fraid of the Santa. Once we step on the stage to get ready for it, he gave a loud scream and kept pulling my hand to walk away. I think the Santa must have remember him by now, there is no way to comfort and coaxing him to go for it with me. So there when we walk away from it, he was alright again.

There go, he is more comfortable with his little friends. Later we went over the Boulevard Hotel to give more rooms for the kids to do gift exchange.

Christmas tree at Boulevard Hotel

Can't wait for the gift exchange

Gwen always ready with her signature pose

They also have the fun time to run around and play with the balloons.

The kiddos continue to have some rides and games fun at Jusco amusement park. We called it a day after the collection of photo with Santa earlier on and we bid good-bye as it was the time for the kids to rest too.

Terry can't wait to unwrap all the pressie once we got back home. He loves all the gift very much. Many thanks to all mummies for taking time to join this gathering and sending the thoughful gifts. Thanks Cynthia for the delicious yogurt banana cake too (the cake is so tempting till I gobble it down without a snap...silly me =.= )

It was definitely a happy and fun day to everyone of us and we were not shy to each other as like we have known for so long time ago. Hope to catch up with all of you soon with others mummy and kids.

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Debbie Y said...

hahaha... i'm the very first commentor.

It's like the mummy blogger gathering happened so often in KL. Anyone plan to have in JB? I'll join u guys then!!!

Merryn said...

Being in KL certainly have more perks when it comes to blogger meet up eh? :D looks like a fun one there :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Judy, it was indeed a very great outing and both Gwen and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for always thinking of us. You and Mummy Moon are really warm and friendly. :D I'm so lucky to know you allcoz it's really bored staying at home alone..hehe.

Mummy Moon said...

Happy to meet all of you too!

lancelonie said...

Oh, what a darling! Those little ones are so cute!!!

slavemom said...

So many nice gifts. Terry must be vy happy with his Thomas gifts. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Terry is afraid of Santa too? Sarah too. Sarah also like him, she also dislike Santa decor.

It was a nice gathering. Organise more for the mommies and kids yea.