Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wall stickers decoration

It was quite a hit now in playing wall stickers. I know it from a Multiply seller when Mummy Moon first show it to me. I'm was not really interested at that time as I'm afraid it may cause the wall paint comes off.

A week later after I know this thing, I saw it selling at the morning market and it is much more cheaper (4 pcs for RM10) than those from Multiply. I quickly inform Moon on that and she grab some too.

After I see some results on wall decorated with these stickers, it is very nice and brighten up the plain wall. I wanted to try that out too! This wall stickers cannot simply paste for fun with any design else it creates a messy look. You can check out at Moon's place on her wall sticker's placement. It also needs some creative idea on where you want to place it.

Last week, I bought 2 different design wall stickers to try, RM2 each. There got many other designs like loving couple series, Disney series, black graphic series, plant series, garden series, kid series and etc. Glass stickers also available too.


The train set I plan to put on the wall next to our bed. The sea world one will paste it in the washroom. The stickers need to be peel off carefully, else will get a taring edge, if pull off too hard.


This is how it looks like. I should paste it to goes a bit uneven, it looks quite a straight line there. Nevermind la, I lazy to peel off and put again. The boy likes it so much and he did help me in pasting it up. He keeps gazing at it, counting the stars and naming all the animals till past his nap hours, LOL!

The sticker is not sticky type and hard to pull off kind. I don't think it will cause the wall goes dirty after it remove. So I think it is alright to play with it.


MeRy said...

Nice decoration.....I am juz wondering the Sticker that posted at Mummy Moon's blog is from Jundeco??

Mummy Gwen said...

Very nice. :) Haha..both of you are in a sticker craze now huh. Where did you buy the stickers from?

vickylow said...

Oh very nice and cheap. I saw a seller selling at Multiply too quite expensive. Would you give me the morning market location so I can grab some? Thanks.

Sasha said...

i think the sticker in terry's room is very nice and sweet. Just right and not too cluttered

LittleLamb said...

in fact, if u put straight not so nice.. u did ok... so r u getting more?

iriene said...

It is fantastic for your child's room. It looks great, good job, keep it up! See you at myLot :) Do drop by my blog when u r online, cheers!

Kelvin said...

Will the paint drop off when peeling after a long time?

ChloeRuoyi said...

I like the animal train sooooooo much! Very nice :-)


RM2 is soooo cheap! I bought mine from Jundeco (see my blogpost) and its soo much more expensive. Wonder if the quality is the same?

Angeline said...

So long as they don't damage your nice walls, I think they are AWESOME to brighten up the child's room!

Mummy Moon said...

Very nice train wall stickers. I also not yet do this one leh

Lemonjude said...

MeRy: No, it is not from Jundeco. Ours one is kind of imitation, made in China. Quality also so-so only.

Mummy Gwen: We got it from OUG morning market and heard pasar mlm also selling it. You can try to find it there.

vickylow: Yeah, cheap cheap play for fun. Coz those good one really expansive. I got it from OUG morning market opposite Steven’s Corner.

Sasha: Thanks, that not his room yet. He still sleep with us. The wall with the deco just next to where he sleep.

LittleLamb: haha, put uneven is nicer la..No, i’m not getting more.

iriene: I have no time to do MyLot nowadays, so sorry still not drop by your blog yet..will come soon..

Kelvin: I still can’t tell whether the paint will comes off or not..but can tell you the sticker is not really that sticky kind, the sticker edges are started to leave up now. So most probably the paint won’t comes off.

ChloeRuoyi: Thank you. You get some to play la..I didn’t know it turn out so nice too.

FAMILY FIRST: Cheap thing, cheap quality. Yours one much nicer. After pasting for few days, the stickers edges started to leave up.

Angeline: As for now I hope it won’t damage my wall. It is certainly a simple and nice to deco the wall.

Mummy Moon: You still got lots more to do…

slavemom said...

Great idea! They do make the plain wall look nicer. Hmmm... if want the decos to be permanent/used for long, gotta get those better quality ones.

Psedornna said...

Wow! Nice Sticker, which make Terry's room lively + sweet.