Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seriously no appetite

Yesterday I experienced another hard day of feeding the boy. Guess what? he took 3.5 hours to finish his dinner! Oh, it is not, cannot even finish, left 2 spoons. I’m so so fed-up of him since lunch (2 hrs and 10 mins). I finally raise the balloon plastic stick and beat him kuat kuat during 2 meals time, no matter how I coax, scold, force, chase him out and even beaten, all done - he still keep the food in the mouth. I fed almost wanted to cry, it is like a war time when comes to eating time.

Why? Why? Only meal times he was like that, I really cannot understand, if given milk, biscuit, snacks or Yakult, all no problem, gone within minutes. Is this the sign of no appetite? I try to find out, maybe he got new teeth to sprout or throat ulcer? No, I don’t find any too.

Since last week, this is how he ate, he chew till very fine and half swallow, then follow I put in another small spoon. He kept chewing till don’t want to swallow and then he pull the bowl near to his mouth and spit out the mouth full of food. The whole bowl of rice keep doing like that, does he have any food down the stomach? I think very little only, coz he kept spit out and I put in another fresh spoonful. Yesterday night, by force I still keep feeding him back those he spit out. So, when all done it is 12 midnight. I gone insane and fuming, the boy not dare to ask for his bedtime milk and slept quietly. This morning, after a bottle of milk, I cooked some sausages, egg and baked bean for him only, he took almost 2 hours to finish. Now, I suspect he may got worms in his stomach.

My aunty know my hard feeding time and she recommended this traditional med to me for improve appetite. It is a powder base med and got to eat for 2 weeks time (twice a day) till he shows the sign of willing to eat with good appetite. She told me this works on her grandchildrens and no hesitation I get one and try on the boy.

Digexin 30g

The description says can improve appetite, indigestion, relieve cough and stomach discomfort. RM 10 for this 30g bottle. I hope it helps before I get the Appeton Multivitamin with Lysine.


Cynthia said...

oh... hope Terry will have better appetite after this medication.. or else, you may want to de-worm him?

Mummy Moon said...

I really hope this Chinese med works on him. This is call sang kam jik? My mum said if kids are sang kam jik , they only like snacks, junk food. Maybe you need to consult doctor if come to the worst?

MeRy said...

Hope Terry will have his appetite back.

lyncpf513 said...

Hi there, has he been like this since young? or just a phasE? I think Terry at this age shouldn't be eating so little right? I hope the chinese med work.. It's really heartbreaking to see kids spit out their food. My son used to do that. Drives me insane.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh dear. i can understand your frustration. ate till midnight is really bad and i would have gone ballistic. i hope the chinese meds helps. if not..maybe you could talk to his paed and see if the doc has any suggestions.

LittleLamb said...

i think its just a phase. did u try other food like Pasta or Wertern food or Japanese miso soup? I really hope its just a phase. At the meantime, just give him milk since he is ok with it.

LittleLamb said...

oh..another method is... dont feed him. let him hungry or play until he want to eat..n see if he still eat.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

If Terry has no problems in eating the other stuff, I think he could be full from the snacks? I would try starving him ie no snacks before mealtimes. A bit cruel :P Sometimes if after 5mins Bryan doesn't want to eat, I'll take the food away and he will go to bed without dinner. After a few times, he gets the message and will eat.

Lemonjude said...

Cynthia: This med I think also include the de-worm formula. Hope he is ok after this.

Mummy Moon: He got the sign of sang kam jik. Guess what, today he is 360 degree change, finish in 45 mins..I really don't know why!

Mery: Today he is 360 degree change, I don't know whether is the med works overnight or what

lyncpf513: Hi lyn, welcome to my blog :) think you are first time here. At Terry's age, he should be eating like an usual kid, but his appetite really drive me crazy.

Barbara: Thanks for your advise. I will see how these few days to decide what to do later.

Rachel: He only likes chinese food, fried food and fast food..your method I try way long ago, it not works too..he'll only feels the hungry when he tired and wants to nap/sleep. At this time, all he wants is milk only and not any other food, if not offer milk, he'll cry badly. Susah betul this boy.

Paik Ling: I don't let him eat any snack before mealtimes, but still he cannot eat properly during mealtime...this Terry cannot sleep without tummy full, so by that time he only wants milk, else bising till he got it..but not any other food.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..you are so patient. Maybe he doesn't like rice? Gwen will eat very slow when she has rice...and also keeping the food in her mouth. Have you tried Bento-ing?

I hope the chinese med works for Terry.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Aiyo mummy, I cannot imagine how stressed you are... be patient ok! (actually i myself, also not the patient type, and use the balloon stick as rotan too haha)