Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Terry at 29 months old

Weight: 13.8kg
Height: 94cm

Eating Pattern
Still the same 7oz milk the most, 3 times a day. Volume vary depends on how full he eats the meal before. But morning for sure 7oz. Porridge 3 times a week and normally on the day we have soup, he will having rice soup and eat like what adult having too, but he will have an extra piece of meat ball or fish fillet.

He loves soup, so far no reject on any of vege or herbs soup. He wants soup drink separately. When drinking soup, he must see the bowl with soup only and not other than that. So, if I holding rice and feed him 1 or 2 mouth soup, he don't drink.

Like grapes and he is good in feeding himself fruits in small cubes. But to food, he plays (chop with spoon) more than eat.

His eating speed still almost the same, but slightly better already, still need around 1 hr to 1 hr 15 min to finish. Sometimes I get very frustrated and start to raise my voice when feeding him too long.

Vitamins: IG6 (add into milk morning and night), Colloidal Silver (10 drops each morning and night), Vitamin C and Amway Chewable (once a day), injury drops (3 drops a day), Vitamin E (2 capsules a week), tonic food (bi-weekly). So far after taking all this his skin colour change a lot on some parts.

Love biscuit and raisin now and less favor on breads.

Able to eat together with us when we eat out. I keep a small scissor when going out and cut small the foods to feed him.

Speech Development
Still speaking baby language but getting lesser

Able to pronounce more words accurately and espeically like to say these words - open, raining.

Love to call "Mummy" and "Pa" for nothing, sometime just want our attention. Very good in calling my brother - Jiu Jiu (舅舅) even not see him around. Can says 2 words in continue like bye-bye cat, bye-bye ball, bye-bye car (can bye whatever he wants).

Greet me Good Night (he says eight-nine) before sleeps. Reading alphabets and numbers from paper bags, boxes, books, cards and etc. Some he simply read, some he got it correctly. Numbers 1 to 15 no problem, 11 to 15 think he can't recognise it yet. Alphabets good in recognise almost half and love a few like A, G, N, O, P, R, T, Z and etc.

Can pronounce accurately for colour names like red, blue, green, yellow, purple but not recognise any of that after teaching since more than 1 months ago.

When he says something you must answer him or repeat what he says, else he don't like and will cry. If you are talking to someone and he wants you to repeat answer him or sing to him, he not allow you to talk until you have answer him.

Name all the vehicles when we are on the road in the car. Truck, taxi, bus, car, bike...non-stop. So, there goes, I repeat to him almost all he named.

Body parts can name all. Eye, nose, mouth, hand, finger, leg, head, hair. When played with puppy, bears, or reading books, he will name and point out those parts.

Can answer me sometime when asking him want or don't want. He only able to say 要 (yao). Sometimes when he wants to eat something he will says Terry (mumble), 要, 要 .. non-stop. Sometimes he can says in sentence like Chuk-chuk (porridge) Terry 要.

Can name his own name continuously in full.

We speaks English, Mandrin and Cantonese with him and he also knows those words in these language.

Can follow on the interactive cartoon like Little Einstein, Mickey Mouse Club House doing the actions, reading and etc. I got no idea lately he so attracted to cartoon Strawberry Shortcake.

Sleeping Pattern
Normally 1 time afternoon nap 2-2.5 hours. If nap early in the morning, it would be 2 naps.

Night sleep at 11.30pm, getting late and late. If daddy not sleep, he not going to sleep.

Hug adult bolster to sleep at night and very "lan fan".

Attitude and Behavior
When being scold, no loud cry, only :( sheepish cry with tear.

When demands not fulfill, he will walk away then squad with head bow down or sit on the floor and two hand cover his eyes and cry sheepish.

No shy in mix around with other small kids now. Can share toys with others.

Like to mimic my action, like I used my leg to close the fridge door as my hand holds on something. Minutes later, after I asked him to bring bottles out from the fridge, he used his leg to close the fridge door.

Officially starts diaperless train II on 30th Oct. Daytime will go diaperless all day even on nap (only if I don't nap together). So far so good, accident few times on the floor. He still not able to say when he wants to pee. So, I just ask him to sit on potty to pee on every 1 to 1.5 hours and everytime he also able to pee. He not ask to wear diaper after shower, as I already told him that he is big boy and no more pee on diaper. He seems like understand. This round I less stress not like last round training. I think it will be more easier when he knows how to tell. But slowly la...

p/s: Right after I wrote this, I found 3 big patches of wet on my cushion sofa (he sit everywhere before I discovered). There goes his first time pee on it. So wet! I got to rub it over with wet cloth and dry it with table fan.

Play with fingers in showing 1 to 5, still trying to grab his own finger doing thumbs up, cause I used to shape his finger how to do the thumb up and he also grab by his own when he wants.

When I said I want to SWEEP THE FLOOR, he will quickly pick up all his toys. Without the magic words he won't pick it up.

When I said No means No, 1 means 1, last time means last time, he will get it and not cry or ask for more.

Likes to help me, like bring out the juice bottles from fridge when I said Juice time, placing back and stack up the pails after I hang the wet clothes, place the laundry basket and pick up the unwashed cloth back into it.

Likes drum very much.

Can stand still and give a smile when said take photo.



So far I never give my 1.5 yr old son any vitamins. Maybe you can blog about this as well? Cos I have no idea what to give him and is he too young for it? What is IG6?

Wonderful Life said...

Happy 29 months old, Terry!

He looks like you in the first photo. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 29 Months Old Terry! He knows alot of things now. I still haven't potty trained Gwen..sigh..don't know where to start.

Mummy Moon said...

Glad to hear Terry is now potty trained success! My Yan Yan did diaperless very long time ago, I think since 18 months old ... CAn save alot money on buying diapers ohh... Maybe I need to start train Heng Heng...

sting said...

oh that's so detail.. you are wonderful mummy :-) I need to teach my son the "magic word" too! hahaha

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey, terry is looking chubbier now :D btw, i guess i know where you are staying from the photo. the view from the balcony looks familiar.....like my friend's apartment :D err...your's is near the LRT?

vickylow said...

IG6 is good to his immune system and sure he can recover more faster. Happy to see him improving and getting chubbier. :)

slavemom said...

He's vy understanding n well-mannered. Good boy, Terry!

Baby Darren said...

Happy 29 mths old, Terry!!

There are a lot of vitamins he is taking..

Terry so smart, knows so many things already. Can say quite a number of words too...clever boy!!

A good start for potty training. Be careful of your table fan when you put there to dry your sofa. Make sure Terry doesn't go near the fan.

allthingspurple said...

only 29 months and already 13 kg? I am so pea green. My 3 year old keep hovering around 11 kg for the longest time ever !

congrats on being potty trained !