Friday, November 14, 2008

8 Random Things About Me

Thanks Mummy Gwen passing this tag to me and this is the 4th time I'm doing the simliar tag in this blog. Anyway, I will still do it and it is fun to know this little things in me.

  1. I'm graduate as an Advance Diploma holder in Business Computing and worked in a Market Research Company as a Data Processing Exec. for 3 years time before become SAHM.
  2. I raised in a small family, I only have an elder brother.
  3. I like food with soup. Whatever soak in soup or soup itself I will like it, like soup noodles, soup dumpling and etc.
  4. I love non-fried food more.
  5. I'm tall (5"5'), but my feet is small. Shoe size is 4 or 5.
  6. I always can't make decision in speed. As like when buying things, this or this better? Will take long time to decide and compare.
  7. I can be very talkative and can be very quiet. So some people don't know me, may say I Action or Cool.
  8. I can hand-made cards, gift cards and book marks. Those days, Valentine's day card, birthday card to boyfriend, I do it myself.

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Mummy Gwen said...

Thanks for doing the tag dear. :) I can see you are quite tall from your photos. I'm 5 ft 3 but my feet is big..haha..size 7. We have some similarities..hehe..I can be quiet and talkative too. :D You are so romantic and talented coz you are good in handicrafts. ;)

huisia said...

i am an impulsive buyer, buy whatever i see it's nice without much thinking..actually this is considered a bad habit.

slavemom said...

I'm oso vy indecisive when buying something. Hubby always complain I take too long to choose. :p

LittleLamb said...

*high 5* i like soupy stuff..+ i like it n soupy

sting said...

oh you have small feet compared to your height ya.. so easy to look for shoes... unlike me... :-(

Serene said...

Judy, tell you what.. I noticed that out of 8points, I have 4 similar points with you. There're2,5,6&7.
-I only have one elder brother
-I'm tall girl too 168cm but shoe size is only 4 or 5.
-I can be quiet too, if someone not know me well may think I'm "Hao Lian"
-I was indecisive when comes to decision making.. so I not really can do shopping alone.