Saturday, June 07, 2008

Petrol hike, what can we do?

With the recent unreasonable rise of petrol price, it really burden up all our pocket. The percentage spending on transportation is increase tremendously now and we got to balance it up by cutting down other expenses. Complains for the hike are still roaring everywhere, don't ever think the price will decrease and hope for any better rebate, we need to think for alternative and practise how to save fuel.

Imagine what if one day the petroluem is out of supply and the petroleum farm no longer produces petrol. So we got to walk? cycle? or need to charge our car using battery. I believe that is a possibility there. This video is quite funny, this is what will happen on the road if one day we are not driving anymore.

There are still ways replacing the use of petrol, like using liquid petroleum gas (LPG). Hopefully the government can fully inplement the use of LPG gas and widely install gas filling pump and station. My dad's taxi rans on LPG gas, he needs around RM8 to fill up the full gas tank that can last for about 110-120km.

Hopefully in near future we can have few more choices on energy to run our vehicle like using the sun solar energy or water. There is a study now about the cars can run on water (read here).

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Sean said...

Ask boss increase our salary to confront petrol hike lor...
haha... i know this is dream only...