Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When he is 23 months.....

Too long didn't update about my lil boy. As to date, he is 23 months and 2 days old. How time flies and he will turn 2 in the next 28 days. He definitely grows a lot and he shows more of his ability and capability after Chinese New Year (really grow, after CNY worr..hehe)

Weight: 12.5kg
Height: 87.5cm


  • Able to aim the spoon to feed himself, but not really master the scooping skill yet.
  • Walk rather fast now and try to run. But he still couldn't stand up form the point he fall/sit. He need to crawl for support to stand again.
  • Able to push himself up when go on staircases by holding the bar. Not that good when going downstair.
  • Let us hold his hand to walk, unlike previous months he wants to walk by himself.
  • Can drink from straw very well now. Before 21 months old, he only can sucks the water half way throught the straw and not able to reach his mouth.
  • Not like to throw rubbish now, but throw his toy on the floor. I have master the skill of repairing his broken toys.
  • Always want to bring back his milk and water bottle by himself to the kitchen.
  • Put things align in straight. His shoe, his toys, fridge magnet and etc..
  • Will take his water tumble and drink water by himself, without need to ask.
  • Can interact with the cartoon his watch. He will like try to answer and give a "ngghh".
  • Partially hymm some songs he likes.
  • More and more easier to put him to sleep. Most of the time 1 time nap. Wake at 8.30am, nap 1.5 hours (12.30pm-2pm) and sleep at 10.30pm.
  • Likes to read (flip the pages over and over again more) and write (sketch in his way).
  • Food on his hand, he will sit and eat till finish. When I pass him bread/ biscuit, he will say "sit".
  • Not offer his food on hand to you anymore.
  • Officially start to brush his teeth somewhere around 21 months old. So far so good, he likes it and willing to open his mouth. I use toothpaste put size bigger than rice once a while and not for every brush and I not brush him everyday too.
  • Can pull down his pant with little help.
  • Able to point out his daddy from photos, when ask for mummy, he not doing so.
  • Call out papa more than mama.
  • Once heard the grill door opening noise from outside, he will wait behind the main door and welcome his papa home. Also, help to bring in papa stuff.

Emotions & Characters
  • Talk louder to him can cry immediately even it is not to scold him. Quite "siew hey" sometime.
  • Very fast back into good mood after cry. This minute got scold and cry, next minute smile and laugh or talk there.
  • Sometime he will "chak" with those unfamiliar faces.
  • Point to the things he wants and keep "ehh, ehh, ohh, ohh" there until you bring it down for him even he not playing with it after that.

Language & Speech

  • A lot, lets see how much I can record now. At the moment, majority he able to say those single words only, not in any sentences yet.

    - Mama, please bao-bao bou-bou = I will start say "Mama" first, then he continue the rest.
    - Mama, bou-bou want nen-nen = he can only say nen-nen.
    - One to Ten = can read out all in English, only pronounce not that accurate for 1 and 7.
    - Alphabets = Only know A, B, C, D, G and P. Numbers and alphabets can read but not recognise yet.
    - Meat = meat-meat (this include his stool, cause in brown colour)
    - Porridge = chuk-chuk
    - Soup = sup
    - Hot = hot
    - Bee = bee
    - Ball = ball
    - Sit = sit
    - Star = tar
    - House = how-wu
    - Apple = Abp-puh
    - Bird = beat
    - Rabbit = ab-bit
    - Book = book-book
    - Bear-bear = bear-bear
    - Back = beck
    - Jojo = Jojo (learn cartoon The Jojo Circus)
    - Cream = tjim
    - Diaper = pim
    - Pen = 笔笔 (bi-bi)
    - Sport shoe = hor-chu
    - Thank you = teh jiu
    - Bye = by-yi
    - O, Oh = o, oh
    - Morning = mo-ning
    - No = no-no / boh
    - Tasty = 好吃 (hao-chi)
    - Maternal uncle = 舅舅 (jiu-jiu)
    - Sister = 姐姐(jie-jie) / 妹妹(mei-mei)
    - Brother = gor-gor / 弟弟(di-di)

  • 2 times porridge, 2-3 times milk. Yes, still in porridge, most of the time adult dishes he not suitable to eat. Vegetable in small pieces he not eat, so porridge still need to goes on as I can smash the vege.
  • Big fan to meat, bread and biscuit.
  • Drink more than 500 ml water a day.
  • Milk drink in vary amount now. Morning 7 oz, evening 4-5 oz, night lesser will be 3 oz (depends what amount of food he have during dinner)
  • Start to take children supplements from Amway. Currently on Vitamin C and Calcium.
  • Mid-morning and mid-afternoon will have tea-time. Normally eat bread and have cherry drink.


  • Big fans to those cartoons he used to like. Will sit and watch from start till end.
  • Love foods, whatever he can eat. Thats why he no strong rejection to any medicine.
  • No boring to all his old and new toys or books. Once wake up in the morning or nap will quickly grabs his books or toys.
  • Saw alphabets or numbers, he will mumble from one to ten.
  • Once I'm in front of computer, he will slowly bring in his toys and books and occupy my desk.

Will continue to update later..only can think of those above now.

*Latest added/editted words are in this colour*.


Sasha said...

wah u can remember? hahhahaha i lost my way edi

sting said...

so fast going to be 2 yo already :-) that's quite an achievement.. good boy Terry..

Malaika's mummy said...

my girl is also the same, still need to smash food for her. She is just too lazy to chew her food.

Another month, then Terry will be 2. Planning for a big party like last year?

vickylow said...

Wah he really talk alot. Any plan for his 2nd b'day?

huisia said...

time just flies...i still remembered you looked for the snoopy shirt when he was going to celebrate his 1st birthday...and now he is almost 2

L'abeille said...

Woah..u mean he can pronounce BEE? You mean he can call my name... *ahem perasan...cabuts*

Amidrin said...

Yoh!! So cute... Your life as a SAHM surely be as colourful as a rainbow having him with you 24/7 yah

Vhiel Romion-Vance said...

oh what a cutie.. i always wanted to have a little boy... hahaha

Mummy to QiQi said...

going to 24 months soon!!!!

Lovely Mummy said...

will you throw him a birthday party ??

Fire Talker a.k.a FireMan said...

These moments are ever passing away so it's a good thing that your doing in capturing him growing up before your very eyes; and ours.

Take care!

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Lemonjude said...

Not really think of want to throw a big 2nd birthday party. May b just a simple family dinner will do...

maiylah said...

lovely lay-out! :)

slavemom said...

ah-ha, Terry n my boy hv the same hair style now. :)
Wah.. he's vy good leh. Can count from 1-10 n know some alphabets edi.