Monday, April 14, 2008

Time for

Last week beside doing things in a slacking mode, I gear up my engine to work on my almost abandon domain. Since I've got a few templates downloaded and yet to give a change to my blog. But, I'm not doing that yet cause I don't know where to begin to do when want to change template.

Finally, my hardwork paid off, I discover it after a night work. I begin to work on it and get the template change immediately. I'm so happy for what I did. Later on, I felt the original header is not what I want. So, I begin to design something and find some scenery picture. My skill is just sucks when comes to design. Glad that Sasha offer her very kind help to put up a nice and bright header for me.
Thank you very much, Sasha. I like it very much. If time allows I will try to come up with one later, but I don't have any idea now on how to design it. Header is the very first thing readers see, so I want to have something special. The blog title there is - Life Notes. It is basically record down what happens around me in my daily life as a SAHM with my lovely boy.

From now on I'm will be blogging at both side equally. I hope so...also hoping that I have more things to share (not only with "Vitamin M" posts). So, remember to continue visit Judelittle after you drop by here.

Many thanks!


Forever28 said...

I also need to start in my domain too~~

Everyday Healy said...

Ya. Need more things to share just to get vitamin M actually. hahaha......

Keep it up! Let's work hard together! SAHM, Bravo! LOL!

Anyway, here is my "love".
Check it out,ok? It's for you too! :)