Monday, July 31, 2006

2 months old Terry

Some updated about this cutie Terry. On 20th Jul. brought him to kiddie specialist for his 2nd month injection. Put him on the weighting scale, 6.1kg man! grow another 1.5kg. Meaning that he totally grow 3kg since born and tall 6cm. Oh boy! doc said his weight is ok but when I told those mum they get shock. I can't carry or rock him in my arm for long as he is getting more n more heavier, well...his is growing...thus u know aft this I will get firm arm with 'tikus'. It is nothing to do better than workout using dumbell. Even his dad also can't take him for long. Those who saw him before said he is cute n handsome :}

He loves to smile more when I talk to him and he is making more ooo and ahh ahh sounds and even ang-gu-gu now. His laugh also started got laughing sounds. It is not hard for me to make him laugh n smile in front of the camera. I feel happy with all his laugh n smiles.

He is very good in taking my command now like 'wait' (used when I'm about to make his milk), 'close your eye oi oi' (ask him to sleep), 'don't move changing now' (used when putting on his diapers) and 'quiet' (to stop/quiet down his cry or scream). All in all he is not giving much trouble taking care of him during day n night. So I got more time to clean the house, cook and even online.

After 1 month full in cooking for lunch n dinner, now can say my cooking skill is brush up a bit. I'm good in steam pork rib, fried vege and boiling soup. Not expect to do those hard cooking which take times yet like yong tau fu, stir fish, all my cook need to b is fast n simple. So my cooking style is more to steam n fried.

Breastfeeding plan need to say bye-bye now..aft trying to pump n pump the milk is not gaining back. Got to giv up now. Sorry boy..

** Next post I'm going to blog in detail about my honeymoon to Beijing last year, draft it long ago *(chuckle)*

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