Monday, July 17, 2006

Since when it change...

Sunday, as usual went to church in the morning with Terry...he was that calm n happy attending church service.

Later in the afternoon we 3 went out to have late lunch at Plaza Mont Kiara. My last time there was 2 years ago. To me this place where suppose having those laptop ppl wifi-ing there or look 'high class' n rich ppl relaxing there with coffee, food n frens...n these ppl are normally hav good looking....hhmm...out of my expectation, when I was having my meal at Secret Recipe I saw many giant ladies lepak at the flea market...eem..may b I'm wrong or it was just coincidence I saw there are quite a number gua...hopefully it is not that way..hehe...ohh..since when this beautiful relaxing place with eye-catching chicks turn out this way. Aft meal not staying for long we go off.

Next, we heading to 1 Utama. On the way found this little monster making 'cake'. Once reached, I quickly clean n change him. Haha..first time using this restroom with baby changing room. Luckily manage to use it, coz I saw my cousin sis used before. Just pull down the hard fiber plastic attach at the wall then place baby on it. I'm not sure for other shopping mall restroom (not really notice baby changing room before this), but here in New Wing there are 3 baby changing room separately in male, female and handicapped restroom, which I think it is so touch n comfort for mummy/daddy needs. We continue shopping. Not walk into much shops, just heading to the one I wan to go. So, since aft having baby, my size change from 'M' to 'L', n more preferable to hav 'XL' now...duh! not dare to look at the mirror for long too in fitting room for my current body size -_-. Since current wardrobe almost all M size T I can't fit at all. Bought back 2 'L' size T (yeah, also bought 2 pants before this in 'L'). Hopefully it can serve current thirst for no-cloth-can-fit. I wan back my old figure aft 6 month...*finger cross* Going out with a baby not an easy task now. I no more using my trendy handbag since then, which fit in comb, mirror, tissue, lip gloss, lipsticks, lotion, parfume anymore, instead now sharing a big bag with all Terry stuff in it and all I hav only my purse n handphone to bring.

Terry boy just hav his right timing, once got into the car he only screamed for 'nen-nen'. Luckily need not to feed him in public. He just do not close his eye to sleep even I know he is tired. He just look around, pity his view only on the ceiling lamp when we place him in the stroller. Overall his behaviour is good n he is enjoy going out.

Once we reached home, place him in the bouncing net, without any crying he directly doze off. Half an hours later, wake up for milk then sleep again. His last call for 'nen-nen' at 10.30pm and my next feeding for him is morning 6.30am. So, imagine how tired this boy!

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wHOisBaBy said...

we usually go out after little brandon finished his feeding and we changed him and then we go gai gai. but so far, he did make cake once while we were outside. We had to change him in the car becos we were on the road.