Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Unexpected things happen

Over the weekend, the foreign news are about Bali being bomb by terrorist and what so terrible was that 2 Malaysians are involved at the back of the planning. These make me so sad in the morning of Sunday when I receive the news and saw the beautiful island being destroyed. Moreover I just came back exactly 2 weeks ago. Everyday I kept close to the news reported abt the place now, the number of tourists and the local ppl dead is still increasing. When I was there, I visited the monument and the exact place of being bomb on 12th Oct. 2002. It is just so sad to stand in front of the monument reading the 202 peoples name stamped on the wall and opposite of it is an empty land lot, which the pub being bomb located last time. This time the names not sure where they going to continue the dead name list or build a new one. Imagine 3 years bomb twice in the same area, I dun think tourist need to think twice before they go. A beautiful island who very much depend in the tourism industry, this time dunno how long they need to bring up the island n to give confident to tourist back for visiting. From the news, Kuta now is no longer alive like the time I was there. I so miss the place. Now the airport is pack with tourist who urge to back home. Why? Why?? this bad terrorist wan to destroy the country n grabs away the life? 911 incident and bombing here n there.

Monument crafted with 202 ppl who died on 12 Oct.2002

The exact pub location being bomb ago

Now Thailand famous tourist spot like Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok are keep alert of the bomb incident happened to them.

Have been thinking of quit Fitness lately, due to wan to hav more time at home. Lately not frequent go for gym also, go also only for class. But not take action to ask for quit yet, coz feel missing it, if just quit like tat…so just still hold on for doing so.

Over the weekend, not quite feeling well and hav very weird digestion feel. Every time aft meal feeling uncomfortable and sometimes not feeling wan to eat. Must have something wrong, but this not make me sick at all. Suspected that my menstrual hav due and have this kind of feeling, so I went and bought the family planning kid to test on. The result is positive. I was so surprise n happy to read the tester shows 2 lined. I think is 99% accurate. I haven’t go to see doctor to prove it yet. Guess will b going for check up aft my FIL back from holiday (again…). These few days feel tired only and eat not much only hav porridge, others things dun feel wan to eat, so serious that even I saw the TV show delicious food I also hav vomit feel.

So, now I think i got reason to ask me quit fitness.

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