Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lil one

Went to the maternity clinic at Pantai Cheras hospital to do my first check up. Refer to a doctor recommended by my cousin claimed to be very good. Since no other recommendation and the hospital is the nearest one so we went there. The doctor known to be very famous in the hospital for maternity. Went into the clinic ward registered, wait for a while then my turn, the doctor didn’t talk much to me. After some question on my body changes, then used ultra sound to scan my tummy, can see the lil one inside, 6 weeks old, 1 inch big only, start to have heart beat and it healthy grow. Dunno whether this is the first time or wat, I dun not hav much question to ask yet. Doctor also didn’t giv much advise, took some vitamin pills then went back. The next check up would b 3 weeks later. Not even spend 20 minutes there. Very fast.

These few days hav some appetite to eat, but not took much also, body start to hav some changes and I got to take cake much from now on. Very particular on the food I eat. Now what I like to eat only soup n chicken rice. Others seem not so favour. Brandon hav stop me from taking many food n drink n doing this n that. Quite stressful also. Guess I got to tahan myself from that for 9 months long…need to sacrifice..Doctor advised me to start drinking Anmum milk powder. So I bought one yesterday n start drink it today. Taste not so nice..not really like to drink, because of the taste.

Have been finding out more from frens about maternity period. Talk about the doctor, one of them do not hav good comment on my doctor, another one has no comment. Consider changing doctor n the anmum milk powder to start reading maternity magazines now to know more about it…

Going to step into another level now.


Stanley said...

Now I have to spread the good news. Hehehe.

via said...

hey judy...congrats to u...going to be a mum soon. -via

Shirlyn said...

if u wan better gynae i can recommend u.