Friday, October 21, 2005


Last nite hav a gathering with my collegemate Enes n Siew Teng at my home...not seeing both of them aft my nice to meet them again, coz Enes will shift to Singapore for permanant stay as her husband has a fix job there..She bought together her her son so cute...going to turn 3 yrs old....they stay for about 1.5 hours only, coz her son wan to sleep..

We chatted alot..topics can't run away abt the kids n current life...haha..can see many differencet now...every stage of life speaking different things... life goes on..

Very frustrated early in the morning, open the front door when about going to work...shit, the shoe rack door open widely n shoes are outside of the floor..gosh!! shoe thief...faster check n recall what shoe we lost...Brandon 2 Adidas shoe gone...mine are still all there...we not dare to report to the management coz this kind of things might done by the guard or the ppl inside we just leave it low...just becareful when we go out...coz we might b spotted by them since early...actually we have screw the lock hook there, just didn't pad lock it..damn! this time kena already..we faster lock it up...out of out expectation that they dun not love leather shoe..they love to take sport shoe...Brandon was so moody the whole day coz both of this shoe he love it so much, one of that was his gym shoe..thief love Adidas shoe very much, coz last time his Adidas shoe also been stolen, so bad I told him no Adidas shoe anymore...change brand..

Been heard of second hand market, in masjid jamek, hartamas (open at 10pm n business till midnight) n PJ State, this places might b selling those stolen goods...coz my cousin once saw his dad shoe selling at masjid jamek there... where is safe to stay, friend becareful ...

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