Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Red Table Cloth

Counting down to 3 more weekend, Chinese New Year is here, so what have you been doing so far preparing this great day? Those who have family like me, we will be busy cleaning up the whole house, discard old junks, tones of curtain to wash, touch up the house to have a new and fresh feel.

When talk about shopping for tablecloth, it never be an easy task for my mum. She can't decide what pattern to use. She loves to change her dining tablecloth yearly, this year I help her to do it. I will choose a red one for Chinese New Year. I just browse through custom 70 inch square tablecloth, the hot pink and raspberry color is so sweet to go for. A one-stop shop for any tablecloth sizes, color and material you can get any of your desire here. After the Chinese New Year, I may change other color, there is so many color range you can choose from. It always a good idea to get plain color tablecloth, it easily match with table runner.

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