Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 CNY Family Dinner @ Dragon-i

Hello 2016! hope its not too late start my first post of the year. Happy New Year 2016!!!

The past has past, thank God for the blessing and keep us well in the past, may the Almighty God continue shower us with His great blessing and mercy in this brand new year for good health.

Christmas & New Year weeks was all about gathering, shopping and etc, it actually not really end yet as CNY is quite near too. We started off the CNY mood Sunday ago, hub brought us together with my family for a hearty CNY Dinner at Dragon-i.

We having this Pon Choi 盆菜 as our main dish. Currently they running a promo with HSBC card. We also having the MUST-HAVE cny dish, Yee Sang, others signature side-order we had like siew loong bao and gui hua gao

Simply delicious with varieties of ingredients, can't wait for it to heat up

Sumptuous pot

Btw, pon choi is available for take-away, do book it early and make your collection on the selected date and time, it is certainly a great dish for reunion dinner.

Lou Sang

Love the ingredients in this Lou Sang, I love when it comes with fruits and vege.





Tea (love the cup)

My lovely family

The deco at Sunway Pyramid, snap a few before back home.

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