Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Scientific Fingerprint Analysis Report

I got to know about this fingerprint analysis back in 5 years ago and I only decided to let my boy did it last year 2013, when he was entering P1 at the age of 7. This also served as a life-time guide for him and for me as a parent to know my child better. The study of the patterns on each fingers and hands to find out your brain function, character and behavior, it served high percentage of accuracy and this will change as you growth through the environment you living.

I sign up for the test with BrainChecker during The Mines International Chinese Book Fair (last year end of November, this year 2014 they having it there too), thus the price is slightly cheaper than normal days. I went to their office and got the fingerprint scanned and a week later, the report is ready. Later on, arranged to met up the consultant to brief me on the whole report and also guide me how to read. Here are a few pages of the details in the report (please click into the picture for clearer & bigger picture)
The report goes very details on all finger prints and those prints are works like the codes on how this human behave, what are their capability, strong point, weakness and etc. To those parents who always struggle in guiding your kid and don't know what is the best for him, actually this report works as a short-cut to let you know what works best for them. Like if you do not know whether they love art, music, reading or dancing, no need to go try all to find out what he likes, straight-away read this report and sign up the one is right for him and boost up from there.

Get it done for once in a life-time, it does safe your time and less down your frustration and use a right way to guide them. Not only for kids, fingerprint is in-born and it grows when you are still in mother's womb, it won't change. For adult, it is not late, you can do it too and know yourself better.

I'm getting this out to read again after keeping it for a year time and also to refresh what I have learn on him. Since his daycare's teacher is an ex-DNA analyst, it is good to let her read on this report too, so that can help her to guide him in his studies and behavior.


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