Monday, December 01, 2014

Daycraft Diaries

My first met with Daycraft Animaland Diary book was back in year 2011 where I got it as a Christmas gift from my college's good friend Siew Teng. It has been many years we keep in touch by mail post our Christmas gift exchange and we are still remain doing it till now.

I never felt so fancy/picky on using diary book until I have Daycraft. I fall in love with its format, design and size. A week-to-view format and the simple, cute pages design and sticker in it. This diary book I bring it along with me everyday in my day bag. Thankfulness for it compact size (hand palm size) that's make easier to carry. Therefore on those following year 2013, 2014, I'm with Daycraft too, bought online and got different animal design in the series and I love 'em all.

Daycraft based in Hong Kong and what so great is the diary content is a 70 weeks planner (from September 1, 2014 to January 3, 2016), that also mean that around Aug to Sept you will be able to buy the following year diary book. So lovely right, you can actually start using new diary 4 months ahead before the new year comes. Before I elaborate further, why I need a diary book. Normally ppl used it to pen down daily thoughts, feelings, happening, things to do, appointment and etc. Ya, you can do plenty with it, so this book is so important to me and that explain why I like a cute and interesting one rather than those black cover one, so boring. My diary basically is my financial control place, I jot down all my daily expenses, credit card usage, receipt and of cause some important date, event, some personal data and detail. I'm a forgetful person, this comes to rescue if I remember to write it down.

2015 is approaching, my last visit to Hong Kong (end of July) is not selling yet, thus I have my cousin to help me to get it during her trip recently. It is much more cheaper compare to online price. When she was there, it is actually not easy to hunt the one exactly I want, though it selling in many places like MTR kiosk or bookstore.

2015 Animaland diary book has been discontinue, so the nearest series to Animaland is Animal Pals like the following: -

I have chosen this 2015 Animal Pals Diary - Baby Seal.

At last, my cousin only able to found it after visited 3 place. She got it somewhere at Central, maybe there is less crowded and easier to get it, places like TST Harbour City - LogOn, can't find a single diary book at all and not only that, she don't find full range of Daycraft products at any of those she visited. Of cause if worst comes to worst, I still can get it online but stock is limited towards year-end. It is much more expensive to buy online as it has include the average of different country's export tax. Local at shop selling $99, online price $174 (not include intl' shipping yet)..

Baby Seal you are with me now, it is so lovely and I shall be start using it on 1st Jan 2015.

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