Saturday, June 15, 2013

My specky boy

Few months ago, the school given us a notice asking us to attend an eye check-up event at the nearby mall. So, we went and it was actually an introduction of eye exercise machine which been told that can effective correct eye sight problem like short/ long sightness, astigmatism, lazy eye and squint eye...
Before your eye been treated using the machine, they did a simple eye test and check and let you know their eye-sight power, to my surprise almost all kids attending here also having short sight.

After that, the kids took turn to test use the eye machine. The machine is basically help ur eye to relax and loose the eye muscle. When they look into the machine there is a small yellow light moving around and all they need to do is put your eye follow the light goes around for 10 minutes. After 10 min, they check their eye vision again, now they can see those character clearer for those can't read before use. It was recommended to use the machine twice a day 10 min each time. The machine selling at RM1800+ (not cheap ohh....)

In the end of it, no, I'm not been persuaded to get it after some research and finding..the only I know at that time is Terry is having short sight for sure and roughly the power is 150. This also been proved when he told me he can't copy his 家课 on white board (his seating the 4th place at first row)..

Sigh...who want their young kid to wear a spec at young age, I also know that short sight also can be carry in the gene, as both of us having high eye sight power and also start blaming on the tv, computer and ipad..I was a bit reluctant to get a glasses at that moment and I heard that pin-hole spec (training spec wear 3 min daily) can slightly help to see better, so I got him a pair as temporary and he says can see clearly using that. So he brings it to school and use it when he can't see.
Got it from Daiso RM5
So far so good and this couldn't be in long term use. So his eye problem been drag till a week ago before the mid term school holiday ends. I bought him to optical shop outside to do a free eye-check using machine and the reading result -
Left 200, Right 250. CYL is astigmia reading.

It was kind a high eye-sight power! Following of it, I brought him to International Specialist Eye Center (ISEC) at Mid Valley for a professional check up by eye doctor, so that I can get a more confirm eye power and also a complete retina check. The day we went was a Saturday, lots of young to old patients and no surprise to see many kids are on glasses at a very young age.

Eye check by Dr. Choong Yee Fong

Glasses prescribed by Optometrist Ms. Anne Tang

So far, his eye got no other problem, only having short sight. Glasses reading like this -

The eye check cost RM150. ISEC do not provide custom make glasses service, so we got to make it outside at an optical shop nearby. I choose a soft frame for him as it is more flexible and light weighted. It also long lasting as if they accidentally press or sit on it, it won't easily break off. Since he is a clumsy boy I really afraid of he is not taking good care of it. Here is it, few days later the spectacle is ready. The glasses cost RM250.

Terry is finally on glasses at the age of 7 years, 3 weeks, 3 days old . I'm trying to ask him wear it whenever watching tv, reading and play ipad. Hopefully with frequent use of glasses will slow down the power shoot up.

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Mummy Gwen said...

Nice. The specs suits him. Hope his power don't increase. We brought Gwen for eye checkup 2 months ago, luckily no prob.