Friday, June 03, 2011

Revamp Project

It was one of my little project at home to revamp the TV area and also the messy 3rd bedroom a.k.a. storeroom since a few months ago.

I have been draft out the floor plan of it with measurement too, so that it is easier for me to hunt the correct size of the furniture. Ya, I would say it is that tedious for a small apartment house. Can't simply choose and buy, size does matter. On and off I did check out IKEA website and did visit some other furniture shop nearby my place. Also because too much to choose and don't know which to choose.

My project keep delayed until recently I really can't stand the messiness anymore as its really ruins my mood badly every time I clean the place and sit in front of it. So, without any further delay, immediately on that week itself (last week), I took 2 days leave to make this happen.

This project I carry out all the work by myself without anyone helps in making decision. I greatly feel the accomplishment of it and also knowing my capability and ability can actually go this far. Last Friday, on a wet morning I drove myself to IKEA (not the 1st time drive there, but very 1st time driving there alone without anyone accompany)

I choose to shop all from IKEA simply because more design, more choices, more sizes and modern furniture with reasonable price. I started my survey at the showroom first with my floor plan and measuring tape brought along. I never feel so free and pleasant shopping at IKEA, may be is a weekday, not many people and also I got ample of time checking every corner and every single furniture I want.

After many round of measuring, matching, comparing and shortlisting, this is the list of furniture I came out with:

901.783.34 HEMNES TV bench RM699
101.582.31 MALM Chest of 3 drawers RM279
102.023.85 MALM Glass top RM70 (for the drawers top)
801.607.92 MUDDUS Drop-leaf table RM199
101.622.09 NISSE Folding chair RM79

Proceed to the warehouse after 2.5 hours time at the showroom, push the cart to collect the selected goods (with some help of the IKEA customer service staff to bring down those heavy box). Check out at cashier then push the heavy cart to Home Delivery counter. Fuss free, when I opts for delivery service with RM65 charge within Klang Valley. Leave down with my name, home address and contact then they will do the rest. I also asked for the assembly service to the 3 pieces of furniture with additional 5% charge of the retail price of the item.

So where do my old furniture goes to? I never think of throw it away since is still usable. I called up to Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar (PASS) in the Friday evening. The timing is just so right, I'm so glad that they were able to come to collect the old TV rack on Saturday morning before the IKEA furniture reach in the afternoon.

PASS is an organization who do recycling work for charity purpose. The funds they gain from recycle will spread out to the unfortunate ones. They provide free pick up service for bulky collections like usable furniture, household junk, used electrical items etc. Others like old clothes, toys, book, newspapers, magazines, plastic, glass and etc. they want it too. They come right to my doorstep on time for collection of the old junks. Other than the huge TV rack, I also give away the old vacuum, spoiled printer, ironing board and the baby cot.

During my call up to PASS, they mentioned to me about the Donation for The Study Aid Fund as little as RM1.00 that they currently running. On the spot, I agreed to make my small donation to them and will pass them the fund when the driver came over my place for old collection. While I'm still writing this and checking out their website, I'm quite surprise they actually keep track and update all donor's name here.

The IKEA Home Delivery reached on-time to my house and they finish assemble everything for me within an hour time. I think they are more professional in fixing it, they don't even need to read the instruction book. For sure I can't do it myself plus we don't have complete tools at home. For all this is actually can DIY, if ask hubby to do it, I got to wait till don't know when. So I don't mind to paying a little more to get it done - fuss free again...this was actually my first shopping from IKEA for big piece furniture. All this while is small item. The experience was simply great and comfortable.

I'm so happy that now this area is more organized and ease for my cleaning time too with all thing hide away. This set of new furniture also quite encourage Terry to have initiative to tidy up his mess. He also loved the table I setup for him. When I told him this is for him, he can't wait and quickly bring all his story book over and sit on it and start reading..haha..

It is all comfortable now...

Coming up next revamp - The Store Room.


Nat said...

Nice n Neat ! Wow !

Mummy Moon said...

Yeah, it look very neat now. Love your taste, all the stuff you got from Ikea are very nice.