Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Try on Scar Cream

Terry has been putting on Cica-care silicone scar gel sheeting for 8 months time now. So far those red raised scars got flatten, but skin color is still far away to get recovery back to skin color. I’m yet to find another better solution for his bad scar.

Not long ago, after Vivian asked me about the doctor for burn (her baby got burn on cheek), I began to search more info on scar management when she found out that Egyptian Magic Cream works good for burn skin. At the same time, I also walk across all searched sites for Burn and Scar Creams, in hoping that I can use other product to speed up the scar appearance recovery.

Many good ones are only available in USA and I felt it was so hard for me to just buy and use it without any support from here. Finally I got ScarHeal.com, they offered a range of scar recovery products made in USA and what so good is that, there is distributor from Malaysia and many other countries too. This is also one of the few scar cream that I come across of the after use result which looks convincing to me.

Without further delay, after some correspondent with the Product Consultant here, I got the Scar Esthetique® Scar Crème for Terry to use for free (the first tube only). Since it is very new in Malaysia (3 months ago got government approval here), the company wanted to take Terry's scar case as its clinical sample, that is why they offer me the first tube to try and can get further discount on the rest. This range of scar products only available in hospital under recommendation of doctor and it is not going to sell elsewhere.

The Product Consultant was good enough to send me the tube by hand. For clinical test purpose, she took some of the photo of Terry's scar and gives me more info on their range products too. She further advised me that the cream got many tested on and used which the result is proven it works. Well, I really hope it can help Terry too.

On 22/7, right after I got the cream, I put it on a few area of scar on arm, shoulder and back for 3 times, 3-4 hours apart once. It not show any bad sign on the 3 times application. In the evening when I bath him, I found all those patches which I put on the cream got RED all over. His skin got irritation and it was hot chili red! I shouldn't have put it at more than one area when trying on new cream. Luckily it not appeared any major rashes and itchiness, as I don’t find him scratch on it. The redness on skin was burning hot too when touch on it. The scale redness is large as where the cream was rub on. Not only the redness appeared on scar skin, it also on good skin area.

Quickly after shower, I applied whatever soothing lotion, cream or gel on frequently. Terry's skin must be sensitive to some chemical ingredients or the skin is rejecting the new ingredients which he not tried before. I was so worried too if the redness will cause other reaction, I was planning for the worst to consult skin doc or paed, if the redness still remain for days. Glad that day by day, after applied Calamine lotion and Aloe Vera gel, the redness got reduce and I didn’t consult doctor at all. But all this after use result happened, I did report back to the Product Consultant and she make an effort to refer my problem to their local and US panel doctors and further advised me what to do.

On the following week, she advised me to put the scar cream once a day on arm only, to see if his skin got irritation again. By doing that way, it also take times to allow the skin to get used to the ingredients. Too bad, his skin appeared in red again in the end of the day for that 1 time used. But the skin is back to good again after Aloe Vera gel. So it was confirmed by then his skin cannot use the Scar Esthetique Cream anymore.

No choice I got to continue to use Cica-care gel sheet for the time being. The Product Consultant and Manager did concern Terry's scar problem a lot and wish that he can try on others, as there are new products coming in, might be laser machine or some other cream. After discuss with hub, we hold on for anything now and find out more about laser treatment first. The Product Consultant shows me on a real case and story who've been using laser for treating old bad scar.

The Story summary:
" It was triplets’ baby girl, 3 of them they caught in a house fire. The babies mum died in the accident. The burns leaving down lots of bad scars all over their bodies from face to leg. They were now aged 22 went through laser treatment using Lumenis’ UltraPulse CO2 TotalFX fractional laser treatment and the bad scar got reduced and faded tremendously. They were being interviewed on July’09 by ABC News 20/20 on their recovery and the laser technology. "
>> Click here for full story, video and more pics… <<

Although it was a one-time laser treatment, but I still not able to accept the boy needs to go through the skin pain again at this age. I will wait for few more years and see how his scar recovery first, see whether the soften scar skin area will get stretch up and eventually faded. If it is the case, I don’t think he needs to go for laser. Also, as he grows if he agrees to go for laser for better recovery, we will still make it for him.

After all, in my finding, the best non-surgical theraphy for scar is using silicone gel sheeting and pressure garment. Of cause, the result may appear better if can combine use with other treatment. At the moment, aside silicone gel sheeting, I’m more interested in trying scar cream, hopefully very soon I can find another good scar cream which suitable for Terry.


Mummy Gwen said...

Hope you can find the best scar cream for Terry soon. :)

beckysmum said...

Hi Judy, my 1 year old daughter had 2nd degree burns on her chest till her tummy early this month. So far, her wound had fully closed up. The medical doctor over here (Netherlands) recommended us to use ALHYDRAN creme. You might be interested to find out more about this creme from this site: bap-medical.com. The main ingredient of the creme is Aloe-Vera.

vickylow said...

Hope u can get a scar cream that can help Terry soon. Good luck.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

In my opinion, I think better not simply try every available scarring cream without consultation?

little prince's mummy said...

Hope u can find the best scar cream..

little prince's mummy said...
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MeRy said...

Hope u can get the best scar cream for ur boy.

Mummy In Vain said...

my heart pain when i see the big red patches in the photo.....i know mummy is a little too eager to see terry recovers. just be extra careful next time. i really wish that you will find the best treatment for your son very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from S'pore and came across your blog. I have raised, red keloid scars from an operation more than 10 years ago. I usually will go doctor to get injections for the keloids to flatten but after a while it will raise again. I decided not to see doctor because rather expensive for the injection.
I bought a silicone gel called Dermatix and it helped. It flattens(though not totally yet) and the colour is not so red now. I've been using it for a few months now - think it's quite good considering that my scars was more than 10 years.
But do ask the doctor first since your child might have sensitive skin.
Good luck and do keep us informed of your child's condition.

Debbie Y said...

Poor Terry boy... Hope you will find the ever best cream for him soon!!!

slavemom said...

Good luck with ur search for the suitable n effective cream for Terry.

Anonymous said...

I've had 3 knee surgeries, the first of which was in 2002 from a doctor who really didn't know what he was doing. As a result, I got this huge scar on my knee with 13 little raised scars from the stitches, that I call my football laces. I'm Asian, so I get keloid scars and eventually I just stopped caring about it since I didn't think there was anything I could do about it.

I had another surgery in 2006 where the doctor removed my old scar (still had the laces), and I again did nothing. My scar started out as thin and much prettier, but because I didn't take care of it, it eventually spread because of the stretching of the skin while my knee bent.

Third surgery was in January of this year, the doctor removed my scar again and kept the laces, but this time, I've decided to take care of this scar.

I started using the Dr Max Powers Scar Cream (from www.drmaxpowers.com) 4 times a day 5 days ago and I all ready see a HUGE difference! My raised laces have smoothed out and are starting to fade. I'm not kidding. The place where my drain was is healing well and the big scar itself is looking great. It's not too red or scary, and it's totally soft and looks like a "normal" scar. I can't wait to see it in another month or two, the timeframe that Dr. Max Powers recommends.

I really recommend this product to anyone who has a new or an old scar. It WORKS.

As Ahmad said...

hello terry's mom. i was searching for cica care testimonials and came across to your blog. i am now 24 years old and had left the usage of cica care for many years back and feeling like want to use it again. when i read terry's story, i felt so sorry cuz my case is almost the same. i was two years old at that time, and half of my body affected just as the same as terry due to how water accidentally spill on me.

now i've lost my right breast and thinking about to reduce the scars. i felt regret for stop taking the treatment when i was 18. perhaps i gave up to quickly. and now, i felt like it a bit too late to try to recover back. so i hope you do advice terry to keep on taking any solution perhaps continue using cica care to reduce the scars when he grow up.

by the way, i also had try to use cream but it not suitable for the skin even after this years. i've tried to use bio-oil for almost a year now, since cica care is too expensive and found out that this oil is good and the scar (at my hand) slowly starts to change to skin's colour. but for the huge scars on my right breast, it still don't show much effect.

thank you for sharing a lot of information here. may both of you have a blessed life :)

Gunjan Kapor said...

Good luck with your search for the suitable and effective cream for skin treatment. Hope you can find the best scar cream..
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