Monday, June 08, 2009

The Baby Bliss is in town!

Shopping for our little one is forever not enough. Most of the time during my shopping trip, I'll brought back something for the kid. The launching of The Baby Bliss is giving me another great place to shop the best for them at home.

Today (8th June) mark the official launch of the website and they are giving away RM300 shopping vouchers. 30 lucky winners will stand a chance to win RM10 vouchers. All you need to do is subscribe to their mailing list and every lucky 8th person will walk away with a RM10 voucher, it is just that simple!

The Baby Bliss offering high quality Naforye products, clothing, footwear, Bugslock, gift certificate and pre-owned item. Among the Naforye series of products, I like the keeper bag with strap. The bag can store some little essential item when go outing and at the same time the strap can keep them safe in our hand at busy place. The design is small yet cute, just right for a walking baby size.
Mummy who get stress up when going out, whereby the little one not allow you to hold them or they just love to run around and ahead of you. You really need this to keep them safe with you. It helps a lot whenever you go shopping or walking on a busy street. It comes really handy when you do not have extra pair of hand to hold them and keep an eye on them.

Other products in the line are so cool too like air-flow series (cool mat for baby crib and playpen), baby carriers (Air-Flow, New Epoch 4-in-1 and Into Vogue), Nursery Items (bib clips, bottle holder strip, sheet and mattresses protector, child safety vest and up-up stair dining chair cushion) and teething blanket.

Currently The Baby Bliss store is only available at online. The outlet store will be open for business on 14th June 2009 at The Atria Shopping Center, Damansara Jaya. Do drop by at them or click on to visit the store now, you will find more surprises on the new range of baby item.

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