Wednesday, March 12, 2008

12th General Election

It has been an exciting year of having election. The vote for today is really determine our country future in many factors. The tsunami kind of one day change is really not expected by BN. I fully support the opposition, though I'm not a register voter (very regret for not doing so).

I'm so glad to see the result, where the DAP took all 5 main states and successfully occupied more than 2/3 seats in Parliment. Lets hope the new structure of government can lead well for the country and we really eager to see many tsunami changes too.

Back in my home, the result of Lembah Pantai and Kinrara win nicely, where Nurul Izzar Anwar and Teresa Kok having the majority. I'm so proud and happy for their winning. The polling result night I stayed up to 3.30pm. The votes result really keep us exciting. My cousin who is local chinese newspaper reporter watching the vote counting night. Those places where having DAP majority, the BN votes has been keep counted repeatedly, just to confirm they don't left out any. Thats why many places the result is not out on the same night.

Over the weekend, everybody talks about election results. For me, who was not really keen on politics issues begin to read more about it and concern more about the changes to parti and ministers. Womans talk also involve in politics. Well, voters are not blind, we know what our future want. The result has pretty shows that we Malaysian have the same way of thinking to see changes now.

Nothing is more happy than those who stay in Penang. The new Chief Minister, YB Lim Guan Eng keep on pouring all the good news to them, whereby those promises are now being carry out. Hopefully the new leaders everywhere will give a good start in shaping a new clean government for a better future.

Before I end this post, Teresa Kok have started to do some changes to the road name signboard.

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wah she start work edi.... next can u ask her to sapu that Semi away?