Wednesday, June 14, 2006

End of confinement

Yoo hoo...2 more days to go I will end my confinement period. I can go back my "normal" life. Eat and bath normal. This Friday I will go for my hair wash, scrub away all the dirt n oily feel and go for facial as this weekend is Terry fullmoon party, got to b nice nice to see ppl...been trying to fit back my pant n no no way for me to fit in yet...body still not really back to shape to wear dress liow...

Currently my health almost back to normal and everyday hav been very tiring looking aft baby..last 2 days brought Terry to see doc, as his 'pandai-pandai' daddy mummy trying to switch his milk powder and makes his poo in watery green. Besides that he also catch a lot of gas (wind) in his stomach this makes his temper goes bad when he cry. Always at night during bedtime he will go extremely crazy in crying...the only way to stop him is to put him to my breast. I think this is only way to comfort him. Small baby always need comfort from parents n cry for needs...Baby kiddy care specialist hav given me some booklet to read about all months of baby that I can easy to handle his growing needs...

Next I'm going to learn to bath him on my own, hopefully can start on my own wit my mum guide. I'm not doing it as I couldn't really can squard down yet, as the cut still hav a bit tearing pain. once recover should b fine. I also wan to hav a section or two for post-natal massage. This will help to get rid of the wind in body and up push the cervical back into position, also can help to get body back in shape.

Next Saturday will invite some close friends come over to my house to visit Terry. Will cook lunch to serve them. Sunday will hav another round of fullmoon party at church. Many gifts and wishes hav been received from family, relative n friends.

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