Wednesday, June 21, 2006

All in a day

Baby is 1 month old now. Fullmoon lunch treat at restaurant with many relatives and friends atteneded and received lots of gift n wishes...

Me..birthday means a year wishes for this birthday are baby healthy, less arguement and more understand baby n my need. No special celebration for me, as the lunch already cover half of the day and I also very tired aft celebration end. My birthday present was a 1.8k diamond ring.

Father's day... With baby here, Brandon is eligible to celebrate as a father now. Hopefully our son will grow as having his own personality and character which will lead him to a better one.

This Saturday, another round of fullmoon small party for our frens who come to visit baby and Sunday is at church.

Mum will leave me and baby soon. Aft that I will b fulltime mummy. Now I started to bath and change him. Manage to handle too, but a bit slow...{eeii...first time mummy ok...dun expect too high...very preasure also}...hopefully aft few round doing it will b ok...

Baby growing good, now his weight is 4.65kg, get heavy of 1.5kg since born. Weight is ideal acccording to his kiddie doc. and also got his 2nd dose Hep-B injection.

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