Saturday, May 07, 2005

Church camp

Been a while not blog, basically nothing much happen, living in peace. On last Sunday and Monday - Labour day holiday, I hav been joining church camp at Cameron Highland. This camp is all about encouraging and renew strength for church member in their own serving team, how we need to do to serve better, what is our own vision and purpose toward the team u r in, how to perform your vision in team to achieve church vision in glorifing God kingdom. I personally feel very good as at this moment I half leg out of the team. God have talk to me during the camp, He asked me to stay on and serve him better, I also been encourage to take up Sunday school class again. I told God that pls give me more time and patient to take up the class in next semester.

Besides that, it is also another great time we brother and sister can gather together again and share our story and girls talk of these 2 days the camp, Pastor gave us some message, it was really “booster” one, very encouraging. We also pray together for our team strength. A praising and thanking time also have to each team, whereby other member have to praise those team member who sit in the middle of the circle. Wah….all great message and word of encouraging very touching…I can say all also done their part and very professional in it, praise God for that, all of us are gifted. Up the hill, we not been anywhere to visit just stay in the camp site which surrounding with vege farm, way up from the camp was Boh Tea plantation garden. Entertainment time was play games in group and also sing karaoke. Surprisingly this time went to Cameron was not having good impression to the weather, it has change a lot compared to 3 years was like normal only like the cloudy temperature in KL here, not cold at all even in the morning. For the day we reache, we have steamboat as dinner...yummy! all food were prepared..basically nothing spend there...only bought back some strawberry for hubby..

Way back going down hill was OK, but in the highway it go slow…back at Cameron at 2.30pm reach KL at 7.30pm, 5 hours travel for less than 200KM..duhhh!!..

Yesterday as usual went to Fitness and joining class together with Stephanie..hehe…got a gal partner now to work out with me…more motivation…. Again it was a small small world, aft my shower with wet hair and body, I was busy packing up my stuff at the locker area, a gal was sitting at the long chair in front of the locker, at that while I was waiting to changed, then she smiled and called me “Judy”…and I smiled with her too..OMG..guess Amy Wong a.k.a Amymeimei!!! I was so happy and surprise, coz before this we plan to meet up, but can’t make it at all…we do chat a lot over ICQ many of time..really sometime fate really works on frenship, no need to set date n time finally we also can meet….can’t chat long with her at that time as she was about to work out and I was about to leave…

See..I got another workout partner with me now…

Have been so eager to changed handphone for the past month and been looking for the right phone, model, function and price. Finally came to my final decision I trade-in my old Nokia 8250 for RM130 and bought a brand new Sony Ericsson K700i for RM790, love it very much!

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