Friday, March 10, 2017

5D3N: Koh Lipe + Hatyai trip

It was my first time in my life away from the clan on Chinese New Year. Yes, I went for travel. I believe many mom out there so longing for being alone and all by myself time.

This trip was confirm 2 weeks before travel date. It was a 5 days 3 nights road trip organised by tour agency to Koh Lipe + Hatyai, I went with my college-mate, so we got each other in accompany. Koh-Lipe is one of those many beach island in Thailand, this beach also one of the nearest to Langkawi, Malaysia and it also know as Thailand's "Maldives". I was in high expectation that I'm going to visit is real beautiful beach island.

Depart on 29/1 Sunday night 11pm, my night was spend sleeping in the bus travel all the way up North till Wang Kelian, Perlis border to Thailand. Another one was located at Padang Besar, because of huge crowd entering Thailand through Padang Besar, that's why tour leader brought us to enter at Wang Kelian.

Day 2 - 30/1/2017 (Monday)
After immigration checkpoint, we proceed at Pak Bara pier, after a light meal. Board on a catered speed boat that bring us to Lipe island that need an hour time. Half way we stopped by Koh Adang, holiday feel starts the minute when I see the beauty clear blue beach and step on the soft sandy beach. Koh Adang is basically nothing here, tourist just stop to take photo of the sea and stone.

By noon, we reach Koh Lipe, there is no jetty here, we got to get down from boat stepping into sea water and walk across. Our luggage was taking care by the beach boy.

Our hotel just right in front of where we got down boat, it is by the beach side Varin Beach Resort, 2 minutes away from Koh Lipe Walking Street. Beautiful beach, scenery and people of cause, you can simply find lady in bikini and hunk at the beach side having sun bathing. It is busy and happening here at Pattaya beach compare to Sunset beach and Sunrise beach.

Welcome drink and Hotel Reception

Check-in our room

Since it is a free and easy day, after we check-in, we heading to the Walking Street to feel the local. Basically things or food selling in beach island is slightly expansive. The walking street is the only place you can go about in Lipe, others are all surrounded by resorts and hotels.

Walking Street

By walking, 30 minutes you can finish touring the whole street that selling varieties sea foods, local snack, beach equipment, massage center, saloon, café and even have hospital here. The sun is scorching hot here, we just choose one of the restaurant and have some light meal.

Pad Thai and yummy fried chicken during tea-time

After shower and short rest time, is about evening dinner time. We dine in the hotel banquet hall. Thailand food is famous for tom-yam and sweet sour. We have vege, egg and seafood dishes with rice.

Watching sunset in the evening after the dinner, as we strolled by the beach. We continue leisure walking at the "Walking Street" to feel the night life here.

Day 3 - 31/01/2017 (Tuesday) - Island hoping + Snorkeling

About 10:30am gear up, pack the bag and we board on speed boat.

First we went on the stone island called Koh Hin Ngam.
*A small island on the south of Adang Island. The island is full of black shiny rocks. In the center is the forest. Although other islands are famous for their white sand beach, KohHinNgam is still the most outstanding island with no sand in Satun province.
Look at the beautiful stone with natural colors, this piece of stone island is being protected now, we not allow to take back the stone or stack up the stone in high, else you will got fine. We do not need to wear our sandal here, step on the stone is too comfortable for our feet and its like doing foot massage.
*It is believed that whoever takes any rocks from the island will be cursed by the island guardian spirit called “Chao Pho Tarutao”, but those who can make a tower with 12 rocks, their wishes will come true.* *info from Google

Group photo before we left

Proceed to another beach side Koh Rawi for snorkeling and lunch. Basically this beach side do not have any building or beach activity, just like a pit stop island for picnic.

After lunch we went to 2 places for snorkeling, even you do not know how to swim, just put the gear on and the diver will pull you out along with a float, to see the beautiful corals and fishes under the sea. Lipe Island do not have much colorful fishes, mostly are corals and sea urchin. We have been warn do not go near sea urchin, they can shoot and poison you with their sharp spine. I do not have water resistant camera to bring along during my snorkeling. To compare with, our Redang Island undersea is much nicer.

After 1.5 hours snorkeling, we back to resort for rest. Quickly took shower and went to nap.

BBQ Pork satay, quick bite before dinner

Dinner time, we have it in one of the seafood restaurant at Walking Street.

Day 4 - 01/02/2017 (Wednesday)

Time to leave the beautiful island after breakfast. Again, board on the catered speed boat back to the mainland.

Followed by lunch, sight seeing and shopping along the way to Hatyai. We went to Kuan Yin temple up the hill, at the hilltop where there is 360 degree panoramic view of Hat Yai City and Songkhla. Thereafter we went to shop for local goods like SiangPure oil, Thai rice milk soap bar, Zebra pot, Thailand souvenir, snacks and taste bird nest.

We reached Hatyai town - Aloha hotel about 6pm. Without wait any longer, after drop our luggage, we went out to Lee Garden area to eat & shop. Here is the only place happening at night in Hatyai town. Local food, fashion and souvenir can be find here too. Of course not forget the full body Thai massage in our room before sleep (350 baht). It called a day here at Hatyai.

Day 5 - 02/02/2017 (Thursday)
Breakfast on own, check-out hotel and ready to go back. Immigration at Thailand and Malaysia took about 2.5 hours time to clear. We have late own lunch at Sg. Petani and dinner at Restaurant Jia (家好月圆) Kampar. Since its still the CNY, we have been served with lou-sang dinner and their signature Curry chicken bun.

The VIP tour bus that served us at this trip.

Reach home at 10:30pm.

-Trip end-

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