Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My heartwarming story for "Kleenex Share the Softness Contest Giveaway"

This post is an entry to join "Kleenex Share the Softness Contest Giveaway" organise at Mummy Moon's blog.

My most heartwarming moment was first ever watching my lovely son perform on stage. It was during his school concert day on 24th October 2010, he was 4 years old back then and it was also his first ever concert. The moment when he appeared on stage, once the dance music started to play and dance began, I cried. My happy tears rolling down my cheeks. Oh boy, he is such an angel and he did it very well. I was truly touch and happy to see him dancing in front of many. You may watch the dance video here..
Terry was born to be shy, passive and soft spoken. He won't be easily express his feeling and at times he is quite emotion. It is very hard to get him to do something extraordinary and outstanding. That is why I found he was brave during the concert to show me that he can do it and also a little breakthrough for himself. After attended school he slowly become more open up now, cheerful and a friendly boy. Every of his growing path is actually very heartwarming, seeing them success in life is the most blessed gift.

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