Thursday, August 30, 2012

Start to keep fit and exercise

Aging signal is calling me I guess, I started felt my stamina getting low, body getting weak and of cause growing wider. I have been setting my exercise goal way back few months ago. Running shoe bought but not been wearing it even once.
I haven't start doing so, all because of the "lazy" bugs crawling in me. I told myself I must must start to exercise.

Thanks to those holidays in August, finally I have started it on Raya holiday (20/8). I went to Bukit Jalil Recreation park which is very near to my house to walk, jog and run. I tag my young one along, we reached the park early at 7am. I feel the air was so fresh and cooling, the morning fog moisture me all over and the oxygen keep pumping in through my skin...the feeling is real great!

When I saw lot of ppl keep running pass by me and sweating out all over, I feel it is quite motivating and inspiring me to keep doing it. After an hour there, I started to feel exhausted. I consider that is a good start and I must remember to continue to do so at least once a week.

*finger cross* For this little change, hopefully I can gain a more healthy me, can eat well and sleep well. It is ok to be little bit poorer ..haha..

Some pictures of this beautiful park..

Taman Bukit Jalil have a few ponds with big fat fishes like catfish, koi, tortoises and the famous International Park.

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Mummy Moon said...

Good to start exercise. I also din't exercise for years I think. We went Broga Hill for hiking last week and I love it. We plan to go tomorrow again.