Monday, May 23, 2011

Gentleness Touch of Comfort by Kleenex

I was so delighted that I got a chance to be the first few trying out the Improved Kleenex Tissues. After the long waiting, finally it is on my hand a week ago. I was a bit surprise when the courier man handed me a big box from Kleenex.

Thanks Kleenex for cherishing us for not only comes with a special designed Vintage-themed box of Kleenex facial tissue and also a very comfortable Kleenex pillow.

You can now see how Terry love hugging the it in his own comfortable way. It is way too comfortable just like the tissue.

In my day to day life, I have been reminding Terry the importance of personal hygiene where to wash hand, wipe clean the mouth after eat and especially when having flu; to clean the nose after sneezing. Sometimes he dislikes to be wipe as he has been complaining to the regular tissue makes his nose red, torn when wet and the impurity smell.

The Kleenex tissue is simply great here to ease all his complains now. The soft touch, strength, high absorbency and odorless tissue quality has been encouraging him to use whenever I called for.

He is much happier, enjoy and willing to practice self-cleanliness. Now he knows which box tissue to pick up for me on the hyper-mart shelves.

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