Monday, November 01, 2010

Concert Preview

Date: 24th October 2010
Concert Theme: A World of Difference

This cool boy presented the Vietnam Dance

Concert ending with Children's Choir - 甩甩头 and Proud of You. Presented by kids age 4-6


MeRy said...


Mummy Gwen said...

Terry looks very handsome in his Vietnamese costume. many students in Terry's school. They are all so cute. Where is Terry's dance video?

Alice Law said...

Very nice... I love their costume! What a coincident, my girl just had her concert too but the scale was much smaller!:)

Have a great day!

vickylow said...

Wah they have a big screen for those parent sitting at the back, good.

LittleLamb said...

same theme as philip's concert. different countries..around the world.

Lemonjude said...

Mummy Gwen: his sch got 150+ students I never went to recorded it, too many parents stuck in front.

Alice Law: All kids dress up so differently according to their own dance. I must say the designer of the costume is so creative.

vickylow: yes, good that got the big screen, we sat middle of the hall also hard to see. Got video and slide show on school activities, field trip pic and concert preparation.

LittleLamb: The kid's performance also open my eye to see the what's other countries dances like.

I can't wait to share more, do read my upcoming post.

Irene said...

very nice!