Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good and bad

I was been told that a toddler need 2 year time for their body to develop to adapt to the schooling environment. Thus in this time, they may fall sick easily and the body also take time to build up the antibody. This is so true to Terry. He has been fall sick frequently since the beginning of his kindy days. Based on the clinic’s receipt collected, realized that no fail he will got sick once a month. He was down on common sickness like fever, sore-throat, cough, running nose. But not this time…

It was started since last Tuesday at 4am suddenly his forehead so warm at 38.5'C, without wait any longer woke him up for paracetemol. The fever got subsided in the morning and since he is not looking tired at all, therefore no MC and goes to school as usual. The condition has been continuing for Wednesday and Thursday too whereby only mild fever, no serious running nose and no cough at all. I (and the daycare teacher) only fed med when his fever rises. He still able to eat and play normal with minor sign of tiredness after med. I was suspected that he might catch on a regular cold. Friday comes, this day he looks different, watery eyes and fever is no sign of subsided too.

So send him to his paed without make anymore guesses and dragging it for another few more days, also I started to get more worried with such condition. Doctor check him everywhere, throat – no sign of redness or ulcer, nose – a bit block, press below the jaw line – no sign of swollen. So doctor recommended that either can take some med go home and monitor for few more days or take the flu test. I was a bit reluctant also when comes to flu test, but I still let Terry took it. Result – the strips shows 2 visible lines, one of the lines falls on B. He confirm caught on Influenza B. OMG!!! what a Black Friday to us. I took a deep breath, continue listen on to paed’s words and took the instructions on meds. He also added that, Influenza B is spreading now and everyday he has few patients caught on that.

The medicines: Antibiotic, med on phlegm, flu, cough and Simplex to mix with the powder from capsules. 5ml Simplex to mix with 1 capsule powder, take 3ml of it only. If no vomit sign then only take the rest after 1 hour.

Check and confirm with his school Principal, no one caught on that at school (paed told me that his kindy got a case). Me and my mum take turn to on-leave to look after Terry since he needs to off school for 1 week (till this Wednesday/ Thursday). He is getting better now, tomorrow need to go for check up again to make sure that he is fully recover. Thanks everyone for your well wishes to Terry on FB. Hopefully he will be all fit to back to school, he has been missing school and friends day and night, asking me when he can go to school and he even sobbing when I told him, it is not the time yet.

Aside from depending on the meds, I also got him the Brazilia Green Propolis from organic shop (RM40 for 10ml size). It works to help boast the body’s immune system, prevent sickness and diseases. Doctor did advised me that I’m on the risk of getting it, so I'm taking it as well.

Some update on me. I just got my employment confirm this month with an increment too ;) though there are some up and down and hiccups at work, I’m very glad that I have "angels" (my 2 good seniors) to stand by me and help me out. So far I’m still doing well on the job. Other than that, I’m still striving hard to get my ME time, it seems not so balance yet out of my working life. Those ME time after work is all about dinner time, cleaning and to catch on an early rest with my boy. I don’t really got a time to blog hop and update posts (as you can see reviews are flooding now) and slowly not even Facebook (office has block on accessing FB and YouTube) on weekdays. The only limited ME time which I have was fall on those alternate Saturday which I’m not working.

My latest investment for my health is on the Teviron Eskimode series. This is something I wanted since I'm start using the negative ION product.

A long top and long pant cost RM1500. I wear this as pajamas to re-charge and keep me fit.

Last but not least, wish everyone well. Hopefully I can update more soon =)


Mummy Gwen said...

So sorry to hear about Terry's case. I hope he will recover soon. How come he can get the virus from school although no known cases.

Also congrats on your confirmation. :) Yeah, can see you are really busy nowadays. Hope you get more ME time in the future.

Mummy Moon said...

Really wait till neck get long for your post to come eheheh! Congrates on your confirmation. For Terry, hope it is all come to the end and he will stay away from sick bugs! Good health for you and Terry! Your new Teviron product is so tempting ya!

Irene said...

sigh. take care woman. hope Terry is better now. congrats on your job :p

Alice Law said...

Hope your boy is getting better now, you too take care and have a nice day!:)

MeRy said...

It has been long time no update on your blog and glad that you are back to blogging world again.
Hope Terry will get well soon.
It goes same to Ryan,since started his nursery, always fall sick, flu,cough.
Last 2 days just went to doct because of flu and cough. Today Ryan has recovered and started his school.

Congrats for your job confirmations!! Good luck in your job and takecare!!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Sorry to hear about Terry. Is he much better today? Bryan also on-off fever since last Friday. I wonder if it was the same thing since it's travelling around??
On a happy note, congrats on your confirmation and increment!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hopefully Terry has fully recovered by now.

Good news Judy. Feel happy for you on your confirmation.

Take care yeah!

Agnes said...

As a full time working mum, that's one thing I dislike most is our kids got sick & we have to go to work. hope Terry is well now.

Sasha Tan said...

no wonder never see you online for such a long time. Yeah when they go to sch, they tend to get sick very often but will slow down and the body slowly build immune to the sickness. Don't worry, he wil be better soon. You also take care.. forget about blog and fb for a while. most impt is you're healthy and happy. Later come back and say hi to us lor :)

Daddy said...

Hi..sorry to hear that he is ill but glad that he is recovering. Ryan too has been getting all kind of sickness since he attended day care a couple of months back. And he is currently down with viral fever and rashes again....both thank God that he is recovering now ...take care

Mummy to QiQi said...

Terry's school is an open air or closed up air-con type? my nephew gets sick easily too in his preschool due to lack of circulating outdoor air.

hope he will get better soon and have better immune system as he grows.

vickylow said...

Hope it can boost Terry immune system.

Congrats for your confirmation and increment ya.

Katherine Josh said...

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i’ve been taking the store-bought kind online (e.g. www.geocities.jp/hongkong_bird_nest/index_e.htm of famous branded only of course) which is directly mailed from Hong Kong. this would be at a more affordable price.