Thursday, January 07, 2010

Terry goes to kindy!

My big baby was now all by himself in the kindy and parents are not allow to accompanied them at school compound anymore after first 2 days. Today consider we adjusting and coping well on everything. Days before the school starts, I'm more nervous than him. Lets see what happen on the first 2 days.

DAY 1 (9am - 10.30am)
He woke up very early after me at 7.05am. I'm just worried of the traffic even it is just 10 minutes drive from my place plus it was a wet morning. I know I'm always a late person :P so better make it early on the very first time and first day.

Terry still in sleepy mood after he woke up. Got him to drink his milk and hot shower and he was all freshen up. After everything ready, it was still quite early, so let him enjoy his cartoon and play before out, so that he won't feel the day start off in a rush way.

To my surprise, the traffic was quite smooth and I reached at 8.25am. I even got a nice space to park my car right next to the school gate. The boy followed me to greet 'Good Morning' to the teachers while entering. Teacher showed him where to placed his shoe at the shoe rack with his name on then show him where to place his bag and bottle.

Later, teacher bring him toy to play to settle him down, while I sat at the end row of the table to watch. He not come to sit beside me or wants me to sit next to him.

The classroom

The Montessori tools surrounding the classroom

His class birthday baby list, class name and calendar

I just let him be and follow what teacher wants them to do. When the class begin teacher asked to sit in a circle and sing song he still want to continue to play. Of cause a bit havoc too, some kids crying, some still stick to parents, some wants to run away. Overall in his class, no one is crying badly and normally boys are the one crying. For those crying, they will be seperated in another room and helpers will comfort them till they stop crying then only let them join back in the class.

For Terry, so far so good as long as he is not crying and stick to me, it is good enough. But when teacher call to keep the toys back and lined up to wash hand, he refused to follow. He still wants to continue to play after all toys keep. He don't like the idea of lining up yet. He went other area look see even after placed him in the line, he tried to walk away. When teacher show them lined up with hands on friend's shoulder in front, he don't let others touch him and he move away ppl's hand. But, to me this is just a small matter. As time goes by, he will be able to accept it and follow instruction.

First day basically nothing much, they got outdoor time, where kids can play at the playground. After that is refreshment time, they have bread only (everyday bread with different taste and style) and given a cup for them to drink water.

Terry not really good in using cup to drink yet and wet his top a bit. The school dismiss at 11am. It was a bit late than the expected time. After he wore his shoe and ready to go back, he still wants to go for the slide to play for the last round.

Not able to cook, so went to pack mixed rice and noodle then back home. He naps at 3pm+ and slept between 10.30pm-11pm. When asked about school, he likes it. He able to sing the song that just learn and most of all it is still about play...

DAY 2 (9am-11am)
Woke up at 7.20am, reached school at 8.25am. I make a point to reach early everyday around 8.30am, so that teacher got more time to interact with him personally and the boy got to play as much as he wants. As like the first day, he plays before school start.

I thought I can leave since he looks fine. But, when class began, teacher call to sit in a circle to sing, again he refused to do it and want to continue to play. I don't think I can leave by then, I drag him in and sit with me. He was more concentrate by then on what teacher is doing and say. He did a small demo too to the student, when teacher invite volunteers to show how to keep back the toys at the right place (by matching the same diagram stick on the toy back to the rack with the correct diagram). He earns a small sticker after performed that. When he given a choice to choose a sticker - very funny, he cannot choose...too many for him to choose, I help him to pick a snail sticker and he is very happy for it.

Later, teacher gave them newspaper to tear straight down to train their thumb and index finger tip. He not so concentrate doing it and I keep guiding him, but he likes to tear on his own way.

Times to drink water, teacher brought over the basket fills with all student's tumblers, called out the students' name and one by one they go take their bottle, this he can do it. Teacher also teach them to read ABC in small capital, I keep pushing him to read louder and he did it. They sang ABC song too. He don't open the mouth and sing in group, but at home love to sing it loud. Again still the same, he cannot follow the order of line up. Since it was raining, they not able to go outdoor play.

They continue to sit in the class and can choose to play those Montessori tools (toys) in their classroom.

When it is refreshment time, they shift to another area to eat and teach them how to keep the plate and cup after use. Overall this is good too, he can do it. Another circle time to introduce name, he cannot sit still even I accompanied him. He also cannot concentrate, move around and keep wants to play those toys again.

The school ends on time at 11am. Pack foods again then back home. He naps at 2.30pm for 2.5 hours long. I really tired this day too and I nap for 1 hour+ after lunch.

DAY 3 (9am-12pm, normal school hour)
He woke up himself at 7.30am. Sent him in at 8.25am. Teacher lead him down from the car and I step in later. Cause Day 4 onward I will just drop him off that way. Went into the school for awhile and talk to teacher about his pee situation then I bid good-bye to him. I told him I'll go market then will be back shortly to pick him up. This have been actually told him over and over again about leaving him at school, so he was all ok with it in this real day.

8.45am - Went to market, buy some vege, meat and fish then head home to cook (lunch + dinner).
11.15am - Back to school to wait for school dismiss. I peep him from the window outside, he was all fine and happily playing the plastersin.
12pm - The boy called out 'mami' and greet me with a big smile when teacher bring him out from the school gate. Parents are to wait outside the gate before school ends.

Thats all about his first 3 days at school, I don't need to worried too much of him during the school hours and I'm sure he can learn a lot of things without me along.

Side notes:
In the short 2 days, he learn 2 new things - stand to pee and drink from cup.

Terry was potty train very well on pee and poo. But, for a boy, he cannot stand to pee yet and everytime I encourage him to do so he was crying and shouting. He don't have the confident to do it yet. I'm just worried on the first 2 days messy situation and no potty at school, so I put on diaper for him actually.

I told the teacher about his sitaution and they said, they have keep the potty away since after they done major renovation to the toilet (now with 3 urine bowls, 2 kid's seat toilet bowls and 1 adult), unless for girls it is fine, potty will be given if want. For boys are encourage not to use potty. They promised will slowly train him and convinced him by watching other boys pee.

Happened that on the 2nd day there was a boy pee in the toilet, I quickly show him and ask him watch how to pee and I encourage him to do so later. Back home, I keep telling him no diaper on 3rd day and no potty at school, have to stand to pee. Sigh...I supposed daddy can take the job to show teach him how to pee, but I got to do it too :P I show him the fun of doing it which can see fountain and let him flush the toilet. Finally....guess what, he can stand to pee before the night diaper on. He shows his ability very hard standing in front of the toilet bowl before the urine past out. Hai...when things are just get me too worried, he makes it and shows me he can.

Another one is drink from cup, he never likes it and also no confident to pour the water into mouth. It always wet his cloth as he don't know how to control the water when past in. Finally after 2 days at school when they need to drink with cup during refreshment, he is getting better and better. I also follow to let him master it by letting him drink from cup too during meal time at home.

We've left the school for 12 years, now need to get back to schooling day hours like those days when I go to school need to wakes early, check school bag and set alarm before sleep. Anyway I still like the timing. After he start schooling, I find the days went on so fast and pack too. Many thought that I got free time when he goes to school, in fact it is not. While he away, I need to go do marketing (alternate day) then back home cook lunch, laundry and do house chore a bit. When that done, it is almost time to pick him up. When the boy back, shower him, feed lunch and by 2pm only I'm free to do what I want. Looks like my routine should be that way now.


Mummy Gwen said...

Judy, I was very anxious to know Terry's first at school..hehe. Looks like he is coping very well. :) Same here, Gwen doesn't like other kids touching her.

You are right, he will get used to socializing and rules very soon so no need to stress about it.

Happy Schooling To Terry! :D

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wah, very detailed post. Terry's kindy looks very nice. The things they do are very similar... I guess every kindy is more or less the same.

Merryn said...

The place looks clean n neat :D That is a very important factor :) Good Terry, keep up the good job

LittleLamb said...

good la....he can learn so fast ..just 2 days...the kids/teachers can influence him..... i m headache teaching Philip to pee..

vickylow said...

Oh Montessori kindy. Can see many Montessori learning material. Haha finally he show you his fountain ya. Drinking from cup...yes previously my girl not master on this too. Imagine he pour the Milo on her uniform on the 1st day. Luckily I prepare her additional set of clothes. No worry just practice will make prefect.

Mummy Moon said...

Hope he is doing well in the school and overcome his pee pee problem

Kristie said...

Hi Judy, don't worry so much ok. Within 2 days, Terry learned so many things is already very good! Clever Terry boy!

Debbie Y said...

how time flies, now that Terry going to kindy.

slavemom said...

We worry abt this and that but they can adapt n learn real fast. Well done, Terry!
Btw, now that u mentioned it, I noticed too that most of the crying "babies" in sch r boys. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am interest yr kid 's kiddy timetable, 9-12 because my dotter can not wake up early. may i know yr kindy info, please email me the detail of kiddy , thanks 2 million.

Anonymous said...

Hai, this is my first time here. from yr son Terry's kindy photo, i m quite interested wit this kindy. because my girl seem not really like the "fungates system" kindy, so maybe wil consider to shift her monttessori kindy.
can u please email me the detail of kiddy, TQ.
my email add:
hp:016-232 8818

Anonymous said...

hi, bump into your blog while doing my kindy hunt. from the activities shown and yr comments, looks like a good choice of kindy. Could u let me know which kindy is this and the contact number? Will really appreciate it....

Pls email to

elcayhoh ('el-kuai') said...

hi, pls share with me the address / contact of this kindy as i'm looking for one around Sri Petaling / Kuchai Lama area. Or you may recommend me others if you found out which is i better. thx alot.

awareboutique said...

hi, please share and pm me the name, address and contact no for this kindy as I am also hunting for a good kindy for my kid to TQ!

Bianca Lye said...
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Bianca Lye said...

hi, keen to know the kiddy name..
may i know yr kiddy info, please email me the detail/info.

hope my gal have a happy schooling like terry! Many thanks!!

joyce chong said...

Hi, my daughter is turning 3 and I've been looking for a pre-school for her which is Montessori based. The kindy your son attend looks interesting. Can i have the detail of the school? My email address is:

Pei Leng said...

Hi, appreciate you can share the name of the kindy. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi Lemonjude,

Thanks for sharing your experience on surveying kindy and finally settling with one.

Could you please share the name of the kindy?

My email is:

Thanks a lot in advance

Unknown said...

Hi Lemonjude,

Thanks for sharing your experience on surveying kindy and finally settling with one.

Could you please share the name of the kindy?

My email is:

Thanks a lot in advance