Wednesday, August 17, 2011

# Smartphone Review

Few months ago, after hubby using a Smartphone, my desire to own it is getting stronger. I started to read lots of review on top Smartphone brand like iPhone, samsung htc and BlackBerry. I also been checking around from friends too who is currently using one and what data plan and charges like each month.

Finally my decision is getting a Samsung ACE. Though it is not comes with the highest spec, but so far it is enough for my needs. It is really a great toy especially the apps that enable your phone to do lots of thing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

# Term Life Insurance

Nowadays many of us own Life Insurance Policy and Medical card policy, mainly is because the medical fee is too high and also on the other hand not to burden ourselves or family members when there is accident happens. As the days goes by, many terms and condition been revised too. This changes also causing our premium amount increase.

Well it is not something bad, at least we know the coverage is wider and it benefit to us. If you want to know more of what the various insurance plans like, you may click here to find out more. You can even compare term life insurance quotes and rates from all of the top insurance companies.

# Mechanic Talk

Man more or less are quite familiar to car mechanical, they are strong at this area and we will sure get them for help for any fault or servicing work with our car. Ya, I have to admit that 9 out of 10 woman are dumb when you ask them about car and we don't even interested in it.

When it comes to car mechanical work talk with my brother, there goes, you will hardly turn him back into the conversation. Sometimes it is not too bad to listen what he trying to say, at least I know those part term like industrial bearings is using for what. Well, sometime it can be quite annoying, sometime it can be quite informative.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

# The path after high school

The weekend ago, we attended my uncle's birthday and what’s more it was another great night for family gathering. It was simple a great time to catch up and get close with them again.

The twin nieces who are at Form 5 now, in another 6 month time later they will be going to do something different. So far they do not have any idea in mind which industry and profession should they go for. Well, it is very much depends on your interest; you can go for anything for which you have passion on.

One of them is asking about the career on medical. I would say it is a great path, as in medical line it widely covered from doctor to nurse to pharmacist. I already passed her the info about medical assistant school, from there may be she can start exploring it and see which area she interested on.