Thursday, April 30, 2009

^ Page boy

Terry was invited to be page boy for a pair of couple during their big day in September. I was so glad for Terry has the opportunity but I'm not sure whether he can handle it. I still finding the way to explain to him and show him what he gonna to do on the red carpet.

First time in his life got the chance to be page boy on wedding day, I'm sure is a blessed thing to do for the newly wed couple. I'm actually more nervous than him, anyway I'll make sure my boy did well on the actual day. Now I'm started to check out kid's tuxedo as his page boy attire.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

^ Rent a stroller

Nowadays shopping malls are well equipped with moving facilities of kids and disable one. Parents with elder kids normally don't bring stroller along anymore when shopping. For me as well, I will not bring too, as not many times the boy wants to sit in. May be he gets boring with his own stroller unlike those Bob stroller use in shopping mall.

If needed, I'll just rent one from the shopping mall reception. He will sure get excited and wanted to sit in. There was once he falls asleep in the stroller and refused to get up too.

^ Hot hot day

Since past 2 weeks or more, the weather has been really killing hot. No way for me to go outdoor, the sun shine extremely bright till you can't open the eyes and the heat can make you sick too. Yes, it is, my boy was down with cold since 2 days ago after 2 nights in a row sleeping in aircon room. At night we really can't sleep good without aircon, even we have been used to sleep under the fan.

Terry was having fever, running nose and cough with phlegm. Just brought him to see doctor and he is terribly blur and sleepy after popping in all the medicine. During the consultation I also ask doctor to check his tummy, as he has been complaining to me on his tummy during mealtime (not every day). I'm not sure what's wrong in this tummy, when I ask him, "is it pain?", he said, "pain pain" (I also not sure whether he knows what is the pain feeling, or just simply follow what I said) doctor found nothing after check.

I'm kind of relieve after hearing that, I will just leave that aside first, sometime the boy tend to be surprise by those funny sound makes in the tummy, he may refer pain to that. He is so young, of cause nothing brings me to think about mesothelioma yet!

Friday, April 24, 2009

^ Wanted to do business

It was about Terry's business on pee and poo, finally he able to tell me when he has the urge. I have been waiting this long for he able to tell me when he want to do business. When he want to pee, sometime he will mention "shee, shee". But most of the time, I will still past him the potty, just in case he forgot about it when he too concerntrate on the telly.

Today, first time he requested potty out of sudden after lunch. I just gave it to him even he just pee 15 minutes ago. No wonder, he wanted to poo. He never call out before if he wanted to poo. Soon I will get him train to use the adult toilet bowl, hope he can accept it easily. I don't want end up bringing his potty along everywhere. What if next time when we having dinner or function at Dallas Texas hotels, I'm going to be crazy if I keep run to and fro the car to bring him the potty.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Masterpiece on sofa

Finally, he did it! Yesterday after finished preparing dinner, I walked to the sofa seat and saw this.

I have expected this will happen someday since he starts hold a pen. I did notice he mention dirty to me from the seat before I cooked, but I just ignore him. He might be referring to the sofa having the ink mark then. I got no idea what to use to clean it while settle the dishes at the kitchen. Mild soap water couldn't be strong enough to take up the dirt. Suddenly the idea strike in, I took the stain remover for cloth and spray a little on it then rub with wet cloth. To my surprise, it works! just a few rubs all ball pen marks gone, phew~~ it save my day.
The cushion sofa seat we are having is made from micro fiber material. We have been using it for 4 years time and I love it to bits, for the comfortable material and the seat design. I don't feel hot and stuffy when sitting long on it and the cushion hold the body up right which not cause tiredness on the back after sitting long.

Of cause with Terry around, his vomit, spill water/juice, milk, urine, oil stains are all with the sofa before. So far I don't find any trouble yet in cleaning up the dirt, as normally I’ll treat them immediately if found. I'm not sure whether the material quality or it has low absorbent, I don't find the sofa seat having any odor after so long. Thats the best part of it!

With small kids and baby at home, choosing the right sofa seat is very important. Probably the best is still leather seat which easy to clean on spill liquid. But the good full leather seat cost a lot. So, micro fiber can be another ideal choice, as it also another material makes cleaning easy. I hope I don't need to change this set of sofa so soon. Last time we bought it at a super best price (less than RM2k I think) and I don't think can find it at elsewhere. The seat is 3-1-1, where the 2 single seats comes with leg rest.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Best Hokkien Mee SS2, PJ - Restaurant Ang Kee.

We got to know this from hokkien mee lover who claimed that they are the best of the best. It taste better than AhWa at Jalan 222, who also very famous on their Hokkien Mee.

Yesterday dinner time, we make our way there for Hokkien Mee and some other dishes. Before 7pm, it was already full house and tables are reserved. Luckily we can fit in for the small table. This chinese cook restaurant they are not specially serving Hokkien mee only, they also serve many other chinese dishes from average one to expansive one like shark fin, Fuat Tiew Qiong those also got. Every table, other than rice and dishes, there are sure a plate or two of Hokkien Mee.
Never taste, never know...double double thumbs up. It was sooo fragrant and tasty, heavenly good. The hot mee was served on top of a banana leave. After we finished the first plate, rice and other dishes, we make a quick ordered for another round of Hokkien Mee before we left. It was really too irresistible, definately 1 plate is not enough.

We actually not allow to order again for other food after the 2nd plate mee, coz the eaters start waiting and queuing up for dinner. Because of many people, they serve food in fast speed. The bill is RM75 for 4 persons. The dishes we orders are 2 plates Hokkien Mee (each portion for 2 persons), steam fish (medium size), vege and house taufu with rice and chinese tea.

If you go in big group, better call for reservation.

Kedai Makanan Ang Kee
No.50, Jalan SS2/10,
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor D.E.
H/P: 012-2747148
(same row with Kayu Nasi Kandar mamak, SS2)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

^ Comfortable washroom

Nowadays shopping mall washroom are very much different from last time. It not only has adult toilets, for disabled people and kid's size toilet also available. The biggest different got to be the toilet appearance, it is very modern and classy now. The hand wash area are using vessel sinks, contemporary faucet and powerful hand drier.

I also like the concept whereby there are some special area like dressing table, baby's changing table and breastfeeding room. It is so much convenient for toilet users to enjoy these facilities at the same time. The washroom is no longer somewhere I hate to go now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

^ Travel with kids

Every week I’m sure received a few emails from Air Asia promoting their low price air fare and cheap travel deals. No doubt, some of the deals are really so tempting and I really wish can sign up immediately, but not at this moment.

When comes to packing the luggage for small kiddo, it was like shifting the house and I don’t think they are ready to do much walking all day long. Just imagine, what if they want you to carry all day long and refuse to be push on stroller? Haha, I’m not so ready for such challenge yet, I rather stay back.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pumpkin Oyster porridge

Since Terry starts eating solid, I like giving him "rich" porridge meaning with lots of ingredients in it. The rich porridge will have at least 3 ingredients including meats.

Happened that day I'm cooking my favourite rich porridge for the boy and Mummy Moon interested to know the ingredients and the look of the porridge. Whenever we MSN before noon time, we always ask each other what we cook for the day.

So here it is my favourite version of pumpkin oyster porridge with a total of 6 ingredients in it. There are garlic, dried scallops, oyster, pumpkin, meat and China salted vege. It is sweet and fragrant with those combination of nourishment ingredients.

Main ingredients are the pumpkin (cut in dices) and meats (dices or minced and marinated it with salt, soya sauce, pepper, corn flour and sesame oil), others all putting in a little will do. For 1 cup of rice, I used 3 pieces garlics (chop fine), 4 small dried scallops, 3 oysters (chop fine) and 1 teaspoon of China salted vege. For the oysters, if you don't like the fishy smell, can stir fried it with garlic first. Salted vege is optional.

For me in cooking the plain porridge, garlics and dried scallop is always a must to enhance the taste and I find that pumpkin is also an easy-going vege with other additional of ingredients. Another combination I have tried are pumpkin with cranberry beans (珍珠豆) and pumpkin with carrot.

^ Web Hosting Choice

Internet have been playing a great role in our living, whereby we almost can’t live without it for it's convenient and also a medium source of information. Today without need to leave the house, we can do whatever we want through Internet. Therefore, for business doesn't own a website, you may lose some of these potential customers. Business website has become a very useful tool to reach out to the world and it is a most cost effective way to let your local business go wider.

Setting up a website for business or personal use is no longer a difficult thing. You need not be an IT pro in order to own a website. Web hosting is the one you look for to bridge your business to the Internet. There are many different webhost cater for different purpose. At, here is the free research guide to help users choose the right web host for your personal or business website need. You can learn what is web hosting all about and allow you instantly overview the best 10 web hosting sites. At the host directory you can simply select from there which directory is suitable for your need and under each web host you can find the details of features and specification. User reviews also available there to support your choice.

If I want to setup my own online store one day, I will sure look for the best E-Commerce Web Hosting list without need to ask around for suggestion.

^ Invest in Coins

Terry knows about what are coins and notes since many moons ago. Whenever he heard coins sound from my room he will run to me and wanted to get hold of my purse. What’s more he wants to play with coins, he really enjoys the sounds of coin knocking coin and reading the numbers. Of cause I don’t allow him to continue to play long there, the coins are dirty and also those small coins are quite dangerous to them.

See, so young he already like coins and money, although they might not know the use. Hopefully when he grows up he still love coins and have a plan of invest in silver coins. To me, at good or bad time, keeping gold and silver is the best investment. Maybe I should start it off first by collecting some rare coins and next time when he get serious in it can always refer to rare coin expert like Monaco to help him in coin trading.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tag with Awards

Thank you very much Mummy Serene for this tag comes with 3 sweet awards..

*start copying*

Name 7 things/persons that you love and then pass this to 7 other bloggers.
1) Jesus
2) My hubby
3) My Terry boy
4) My family and relatives
5) My friends and church members
6) My bed
7) My Coach

Passing this to 7 wonderful mummies - slavemom, KiasuMum, Mummy Moon, Rachel, Doreen (Wonderful Life), Irene and Mummy Gwen.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Catch a good movie with fellow CG members last Sunday. Movie KNOWING starring by Nicholas Cage. This movie just come in right time for this Easter, the story line is very good and touching too.

It is all about a series of numbers wrote in 50 years ago representing great tragedy, accident and disaster. Nicholas Cage who makes the startling discovery that the encoded message predicts with pinpoint accuracy the dates, death tolls and coordinates of every major disaster of the past 50 years. He takes the knowing disaster upon himself and try to prevent more destruction from taking place. His increasingly desperate efforts take him on a heart-pounding race against time until he finds himself facing the ultimate disaster—and the ultimate sacrifice.

A worth watching movie well mixture of science and religion. Here's the movie trailer.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

^ Sales time

No doubt, sales are the great time to grab things we plan to buy. To merchants it is a good time to clear old stock and at the same time display new arrival; whereas for shoppers it is a good time to buy good things in lower price. But many times I really disappointed to shop during sales season. It is either out of the size I want for the particular design I like or the item design is outdated.

To any departmental sales or mall sale, I'll try to make time to shop at the first day when the sales begin, so that I can get real good deal item with real good discount. Normally when comes to the ending sales, it is really wasting my time to hunt for sales item.

Friday, April 03, 2009

A Perfect Blend Of Friendship Award

Thanks Mommy Angel for this sweet friendship award. I'm glad to know you as another wonderful blogger mummy who love to blog. The blogsphere is simply fun with all wonderful blogger friends around.